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By Buck Woodward on 2004-05-17 02:40:00

WWE Judgment Day, live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, opened with the usual cool video package, this one talking about the implications of judgment day and the afterlife, while showing clips of the wrestlers who will be on tonight's show. 

The entrance set is made of a large circular video screen hanging above a smaller "Judgment Day" screen at the entranceway, and a number of hanging crosses covered in white material. 

Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam vs. The Dudley Boyz.

Before the match, Bubba Ray Dudley yelled to Tazz that he doesn't like him anymore. Bubba started off the match with RVD. Bubba complained about Rey not holding the tag match so the referee would turn his back on the guys in the ring, and D-Von ambushed Van Dam from behind.  D-Von and Bubba worked over RVD in their corner, and Van Dam flipped over a backdrop attempt and hit Bubba with a series of kicks and a monkeyflip.  RVD hit D-Von with a backdrop and Bubba with a superkick, then clotheslined D-Von from the ring. The Dudleys regrouped on the floor, but Van Dam hit a somersault senton from the ring and Mysterio hit a top rope bodypress onto the floor to take them down. Back in the ring, Van Dam hit a back heel kick on D-Von, but Bubba hit RVD from the apron.  D-Von missed a forearm and knocked Bubba off the apron.  Van Dam ran the ropes, but Bubba pulled down the top rope so RVD would fall to the floor.  Bubba rammed Van Dam into the announcers table at ringside. D-Von hit a jawbreaker in the ring and tagged in Bubba, who dropped an elbow to the groin (saying it was the gut to referee Nick Patrick).  RVD hit a kick and a legsweep on Bubba, then tagged in Rey for the first time at the five minute mark.  Rey went into springboard mode, hitting a series of moves off the ropes on Bubba, but D-Von tripped him as he went for a 619.  Rey kicked D-Von away and went for a West Coast Pop, but Bubba caught it and dropped Rey with a Hot Shot. D-Von tagged in and slammed Rey, following it with a legdrop for two, then applied a reverse chinlock. Mysterio battled out, but D-Von hit a reverse elbow for two. Bubba slapped Rey around and trash talked him. Bubba hit a vertical suplex, then slapped him around some more. The Dudleys did an illegal switch while RVD tried to come in, and D-Von choked Rey with his boot. D-Von pounded Rey in a corner, but Rey came back with a bodyscissors into a bulldog at the ten minute mark. 

Rey made the tag to RVD, but the referee didn't see it, and the Dudleys double teamed Rey as Nick Patrick forced RVD out. Bubba hit a spinebuster on Rey, but RVD broke up the cover with a dropkick. Bubba hung Rey in the Tree Of Woe, then lifted him up and slapped him in the chest with chops.  Rey punched Bubba and hit a stunner on Bubba while still hung in the ropes. Rey hit a top rope moonsault on a standing Bubba for a two count. Bubba tagged D-von, but Rey made the hot tag to RVD, who took D-Von down with spinkicks for a two count. RVD hit a back elbow and a springboard thrust kick.  Bubba ran in, but RVD kicked him out.  Van Dam hit the Rolling Thunder backsplash on D-Von, but Bubba broke up the cover. Rey came in, but Bubba backdropped him to the floor.  The Dudleys went for the What's Up headbutt, but Rey crotched D-Von on the top rope.  RVD kicked Bubba into a corner, and Rey gave him the bronco buster.  RVD tossed Rey into the air, and he took D-Von off the top rope with a rana.  RVD covered D-Von, but Bubba broke it up.  The Dudleys went for 3D on Rey, but Van Dam hit  Bubba with an enzugiri.  Rey kicked D-Von away, and the Dudleys were both hanging on the second rope.  Rey gave both Dudleys a 619, and Van Dam hit D-Von with the frog splash.  Rey dropkicked Bubba from the ring, as RVD pinned D-Von at the fifteen minute mark. 

Winners: Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam. 

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