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By Readers on 2007-01-22 11:14:00

The new year has begun, so it is time for one last look back at 2006 with the Year End Awards. Voting has concluded in all 23 categories and the winners have been posted below, with full results on the following pages.  

Nominations were accepted from Elite Subscribers and the items with the most nominations made it into the polls (in most cases, a minimum of 3 nominations were needed to be included in the poll).  Voting was then opened up to all website visitors and now the winners have been determined.  

Agree with the choices?  Disagree?  Send your feedback to and we will post your comments on

Here are the 2006 Winners: 

Wrestler Of The Year - Edge
Tag Team Of The Year - LAX (Homicide & Hernandez)
Match Of The Year - Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. MNM vs. Hardys vs. William Regal & David Taylor - WWE Armageddon - 12/17 
Announcer Of The Year - Jim Ross
Color Commentator Of The Year - Tazz
Hottie Of The Year - Maria
Feud Of The Year - John Cena vs. Edge
Flyer Of The Year - AJ Styles
Brawler Of The Year - Fit Finlay
Technician Of The Year - Bryan Danielson
Show Of The Year - WWE WrestleMania 22
Best Interviews Of The Year - Edge
Move Of The Year - Canadian Destroyer - Petey Williams
Comeback Of The Year - Fit Finlay
Angle/Storyline Of The Year - Kurt Angle comes to TNA and challenges Samoa Joe.
Character/Gimmick Of The Year - King Booker
Most Improved Wrestler Of The Year - Johnny Nitro
Newcomer Of The Year - CM Punk 
News Story Of The Year - Kurt Angle jumps to TNA. 
Promotion/Brand Of The Year - TNA 
Stupidest Thing About Wrestling This Year - Just give it to all of WWE Creative again! 
Chant Of The Year - 'Change the Channel!' - Batista vs. Big Show 
DVD Of The Year - Brian Pillman: Loose Cannon 

Full results are on the following pages:
Page 2 - Wrestler Of The Year, Tag Team Of The Year, Match Of The Year
Page 3 - Announcer Of The Year, Color Commentator Of The Year, Hottie Of The Year, Feud Of The Year, Flyer Of The Year 
Page 4 - Brawler Of The Year, Technician Of The Year, Show Of The Year, Best Interviews Of The Year, Move Of The Year
Page 5 - Comeback Of The Year, Angle/Storyline Of The Year, Character/Gimmick Of The Year, Most Improved Wrestler Of The Year, Newcomer Of The Year
Page 6 - News Story Of The Year, Promotion/Brand Of The Year, Stupidest Thing About Wrestling This Year, Chant Of The Year, DVD Of The Year

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