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By Mike Johnson on 2006-12-17 22:47:00

Welcome to's live coverage of WWE's Armageddon PPV!

Armageddon, live from Richmond, Virginia:

Armageddon opened with a video feature on the triple main event tonight. They are pushing John Cena and Batista as the first time two World champions have teamed up.

Michael Cole and JBL welcomed everyone to the PPV.

Kane vs. MVP: Inferno Match

They announced that the only way you can win the match would be to set your opponent on fire. MVP came to the ring. They aired a video feature on the history between Kane and MVP. Kane made his entrance and made the flames around the ring explode as MVP looked freaked.

MVP tried to escape the ring once Kane entered but the flames shot up and prevented him. He begged Kane for mercy, but instead got a big boot to the face. Kane whipped MVP into the corner. MVP tried to climb out of the ring but had doubts about leaving and returned. Kane pummeled MVP and tried to drag his arm towards the flames. He nailed MVP with a blow to the back of the head, sending him to the mat. Kane grabbed MVP's legs. MVP pulled himself upwards in the corner, so Kane pulled him away and dropped him on his face. Kane put MVP in the corner and attempted a superplex but was shoved off. Kane hit a bodypress onto Kane and peppered him with punches. MVP hit a running boot to the face in the corner, but Kane sat up. They exchanged punches center ring.

MVP tried to break Kane down with kicks to the legs but Kane clotheslined him down. Kane measured him for the goozle, then hit a chokeslam. Kane removed a turnbuckle covering and attempted to light it aflame but the burners on that side of the ring went out. Kane then lit the padding on another side but MVP nailed Kane before he could use it and tossed it to the floor,. MVP tried to hit a sliding kick on Kane into the flames but Kane moved and MVP barely escaped.

Kane unloaded in the corner, finishing with a running clothesline. Kane hit a sideslam in the center of the ring. MVP fought back but his blows didn't effect Kane. He tried to climb out of the ring but Kane shoved him off the ropes. MVP crashed into the announcer's table. Kane went to the top and dove over the flames to the floor. MVP and Kane tried to force each other into the flames. Kane nailed MVP with a big boot on the floor.

MVP tried to run under the ring but Kane pulled him out (cue the finish as they were putting something on MVP to help the effect). Kane grabbed MVP by the throat and forced him up the ring steps, then backwards into the flames. The back of MVP's outfit went up and he made his way around the ring. When he got to the aisle, he dropped down and WWE staffers used fire extinguishers to put out the flames. They used a number of great replays to show the flames climbing up MVP's back.

Interesting choice for the opening match. As an in-ring bout, it was what you would expect give the limitations. The stipulation and setting made it something unique and entertaining. For what it was, I enjoyed it. WWE is sometimes given criticism of not creating new characters, but they've done a good job establishing MVP in recent months. He held up his end of the bargain here.

Jillian Hall, Leyla El, Ashley, and Kristal Marshall were outside Teddy Long's office. Long arrived and said that they had a special guest tonight - Santa Claus. They were all excited about Santa's impending arrival. Long then announced they would have the first-ever Naughty or Nice contest. The Divas were extremely excited about having to dress in lingerie for the fans.

Michael Cole and JBL reviewed the MVP-Kane match. They promised an update on MVP's condition later.

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