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By Richard Trionfo on 2006-12-03 10:15:00

Xplosion Report for December 1, 2006

We start off this week’s show with a look back at Kurt Angle coming out to save America ’s Most Wanted after the Latin American Exchange attacked them when they refused to surrender the tag titles.  We then see Samoa Joe make the challenge for a rematch at Turning Point and Kurt Angle’s acceptance on the condition that they each watch the other’s back.  We then hear comments from Jim Mitchell and Christian as well as footage of Tyson Tomko becoming the newest member of TNA as he returns to Christian Cage’s side.

The Latin American Exchange is being interviewed in the back and Konnan says that TNA is trying to screw them out of the titles by infringing on their First Amendment rights since they are American citizens.  Konnan calls Petey Williams a Canadian pygmy coward and he will find out what thug life is all about.  Konnan says that Kurt Angle symbolizes the United States and calls him aloof and overrated.

Your hosts are Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme.  They talk about the arrival of Tomko in TNA and Jeremy mentions that he has a history with Christian Cage.

Christian Cage comes to the ring with Tomko and Mike Tenay mentions that Abyss will be defending the title against Christian and Sting at Turning Point.  Christian says that before he gets to the matter at hand, he wants to make the formal introduction for the only man that he truly trusts in the wrestling business.  He is a man who made quite an impression on Sting last week.  That man is Tomko.  Christian says that TNA is trying to put the screws to him by putting him in a Triple Threat Match at Turning Point.  Maybe he will put the screws to TNA.  He says that he is undefeated and the biggest star in TNA.  By the time we get to Turning Point, it might be a single threat match because he expects to take out both of his opponents.  Sting learned his lesson last week and they have something for Abyss this week.  Christian wants Abyss to come out to have a chat and have Abyss and Tomko get reacquainted. 

Abyss comes out but James Mitchell tries to hold Abyss back.  James Mitchell says that he controls the monster.  Sting’s music plays and he comes down from the rafters.  However, instead of Sting, it is a skeleton dressed up as Sting.  Christian gets a chuckle out of what happened, but that frown is turned upside down when he sees Sting in the ring behind him with his baseball bat.  Christian and Tomko leave the ring.  Christian holds Tomko back and they leave the ringside area.

Sting says that he has something to say to Abyss and he wants to talk to him man to man and face to face.  However, he wants Abyss to come alone.

We go to the latest Voodoo Kin Mafia video with them standing in the bushes outside of the WWE Headquarters.  BG says that they are there for one of two things.  Either they can sign the ‘Cease and Desist’ paper, or they can go to war.  He says that they are doing the same thing that they did when they worked for Vince.  BG mentions CNN Center .  BG says that he, Kip, and the wrestling fans have two words for him . . . ‘Stop . . . Please.’  We see BG with an orange traffic cone telling Vince to ‘come out with his pants up’. 

We see James Storm being attacked by the Latin American Exchange.

Christopher Daniels joins Don and Mike at the announce table for the Number One Contenders Match for the X Division title to see who Daniels will face at Turning Point.  Before the match starts, Chris Harris comes out to the announce table and he says that LAX does not have to come looking for him because he is going to find them. 

Match Number One:  Chris Sabin versus Jay Lethal versus Sonjay Dutt in a Number One Contender Match for the X Division Title

Sabin with a rake of the eyes to Dutt and a knee to Lethal as the match begins.  Dutt and Lethal alternate punches on Sabin.  Lethal and Dutt double team Sabin with Lethal connecting with a kick to the midsection followed by a bulldog from Dutt, a drop kick from Lethal, a somersault senton from Dutt, and a moonsault from Lethal.  Sabin rolls outside the ring to regroup.  Dutt with a double leg take down and then Sabin tries to attack Lethal from behind but Dutt and Lethal throw Sabin over the top rope to the floor.  Dutt with a number of rollups for near falls, but Lethal is able to kick out in time.  Lethal with a hip toss and cartwheel into a drop kick.  Sabin tries for a springboard move, but Lethal catches him and Lethal with a back breaker followed by a Flatline for a two count.  Dutt misses a clothesline and Lethal with a waist lock.  Dutt with a kick and an Asai DDT for a two count.  Dutt tries for a quebrada but Lethal moves out of the way, and Dutt lands on his feet.  Lethal hits a Dragon suplex on Dutt that flips Dutt over.  Sabin kicks Lethal out of the ring and Sabin makes the cover on Dutt for the three count.

Winner:  Chris Sabin

After the match, Chris Sabin comes over to the announce table to confront Christopher Daniels.  Daniels says that they can settle it now, but Jerry Lynn comes out to stop Daniels.  Lynn asks Sabin what his problem is.  Sabin walks to the back.

We go to the back and Homicide and Hernandez are attacking Chris Harris while Harris is tied up.  Gail Kim comes to help Harris.

Don and Mike are at the announce table and Mike says that he is not sure what is going on with A.J. Styles.  Mike says that he tried to get inside the mind of A.J. Styles earlier in the day.  Mike asks A.J. about the on again, off again relationship with Christopher Daniels.  A.J. says that he does not what Mike is talking about.  He says that friends argue and it is not a big deal.  Mike says that the Daniels situation was red flag number one.  He says that the situation with Rhino is red flag number two.  Mike asks A.J. about all of the mistrust that he appears to have.  A.J. says that it seems like Rhino wants something from him and is sticking his nose in the situation.  A.J. says that you don’t get involved unless you want something.  Mike tries to talk about where A.J. came from, but A.J. cuts him off and says that because Mike is at ringside commentating on his matches while he is in the ring busting his butt to keep his job, it does not mean that Tenay knows him.  A.J. talks about what it was like when he was growing up.  Mike apologizes for striking a nerve and embarrassing him, but A.J. cuts him off again and he says that Mike knows nothing about embarrassing.  Mike says that people like Christopher Daniels, Rhino, and himself are trying to help A.J.  A.J. says that he does not need their help, and he wonders where everyone was a few years ago when he needed somebody.  Mike says he did not know A.J. then, and A.J. says that Mike does not know him now.  A.J. says that he only wants to talk about wrestling.  Rhino stops by the interview area and he says that he heard some of the things that A.J. said.  A.J. says that it was convenient that Rhino was walking by.  Rhino tells A.J. that it is not the type of attitude for A.J. to have.  He says that he does not want to see the same thing that happened to him occur.  Rhino says that he tells people not to make the same mistakes that he made.  A.J. wants to know how he and Rhino end up at the same places.  A.J. says that the next time it happens, there will be trouble.  We go to commercial.

We are back with Jeremy and Christy and Jeremy talks about the TNA website and how they can find exclusive photos of Christy Hemme.  Christy tells everyone to check out the site for photos of all of the Knockouts. 

Match Number Two:  Senshi versus Brother Runt in the Xplosion Xclusive Match of the Week

Senshi backs Runt into the corner on the collar and elbow tie up and Senshi with a clean break.  Runt with a waist lock but Senshi with a standing switch.  Runt reverses and he gets a near fall, but Senshi bridges out of it.  Senshi and Runt with a test of strength with Senshi getting the advantage until Runt connects with a head butt and he escapes the hold and gets an arm drag and puts Senshi in a key lock.  Runt turns it into an arm bar but Senshi with a chop.  Runt charges at Senshi but Senshi side steps him and Runt goes outside the ring.  Senshi goes after Runt and he chops Runt and chokes Runt against the ring post.  Senshi throws Runt back into the ring and we go to commercial.

We are back and Senshi chops Runt, but Runt with a reverse atomic drop and clothesline for a two count.  Runt responds with a chop of his own and a snap mare and head scissors.  Senshi bridges and gets a two count and he escapes the hold.  Runt with a forearm and European uppercut.  Senshi chops Runt, but Runt responds with a forearm.  Senshi with a series of kicks to Runt’s chest and Runt goes down.  Senshi with an Irish whip, but Senshi misses the charge into the corner.  Runt with a snap mare and knee drop followed by a suplex for a two count.  Runt with a running head butt to Senshi’s midsection.  Runt tries for the Acid Drop, but Senshi pushes Runt off.  Senshi with an Irish whip followed by the Tidal Crush.  Senshi goes up top for the double stomp for the three count.  We go to commercial.

Winner:  Senshi

We are back with the next Voodoo Kin Mafia segment.  BG mentions that Kip brought the sound system.  They get an orange traffic cone and BG wants Paul Levesque, Michael Hickenbottom, and Vince McMahon to come out with their pants up and to leave the fat, naked, oily guy in the building.  Kip says that he wants the twenty bucks that he is still owed from four years ago.  BG says that if they give up now, there will be no further consequences. 

It is time for the latest Kevin Nash/X Division segment and it is time for drug testing and everyone is wondering what is taking Alex Shelley so long and he walks out with a full cup.  Nash comments that he lost a ring.  Nash says that everyone’s test was perfect since there were no anabolic steroids.  Nash does tell Shelley that he has Chlamydia.  Nash says that next week are psychological tests.  He tells Dutt, Lethal, and Senshi that they can leave.  However, he needs to talk to Shelley and Starr.  Nash tells Shelley and Starr to make them proud in their match and make him proud.  We see a graphic saying that the PCS starts on December 10th.

Match Number Three:  Alex Shelley and The Austin Starr versus Lance Hoyt and Ron Killings

Shelley and Starr attack Killings before the bell and then they also go after Hoyt.  Hoyt and Killings regain control with kicks to Starr and Shelley.  Starr starts to work on Hoyt’s leg in the ropes while Killings hits a wheelbarrow gourdbuster on Shelley.  Starr punches Hoyt and then he hits a leaping back rake on Killings.  Hoyt with a big boot to Starr and Killings and Hoyt are alone in the ring.  Killings with a pescado onto Starr and Shelley.

We cut to Eric Young is in the crowd and then he heads to the back.

We return to the action in the ring and Hoyt tries for a running boot in the corner, but Starr moves out of the way and Lance crotches himself in the ropes.  Starr with a drop kick to Hoyt in the corner.  Starr goes up top, but Shelley makes the tag.  Shelley says that he has things under control.  While Shelley works over Hoyt, Killings pulls Starr off the top rope.  Shelley with a rollup on Hoyt and he gets the three count with a handful of Hoyt’s trunks.

Winners:  Alex Shelley and The Austin Starr

After the match, The Austin Starr gets the video camera and he shows the referee that Shelley cheated while Shelley celebrates on the apron.  The referee looks at the footage and the referee reverses the decision.

Winners:  Lance Hoyt and Ron Killings

We go to the back where Eric Young and Ms. Brooks are talking.  Traci says that she is here in the middle of something important.  She wants to know if Eric accepts the challenge and then she tells Eric if he does not accept the challenge, he will be fired.  Eric says that Traci challenged him to a contest, but not a wrestling match, a bikini contest.  Eric says that this is the start of his weight loss voyage.

We are back with the next Voodoo Kin Mafia segment and BG is on the phone.  He says that the strongest will wins in battle and they are willing to stand outside all night long.  We cut to later that night when Kip is awakened because he had a nightmare.  He says that ‘Dumb to the Extreme’ were doing something with a fat guy.  BG wants to know if he was naked and put oil on himself.  Kip wants to know if BG had the same nightmare, but BG says that was on their television show.  Kip suggests that they abort, but BG tells him to buck up because they are America ’s last line of defense between that and good television.

Sting comes out to the ring and he has a bat and chair.  Sting wants Abyss to come out and Abyss comes to the ring.  Sting asks Abyss to take a seat, but Abyss stands up.  Sting says that every man has his own will and wants to know what Abyss’s will is.  Sting says that in the four years that he has come in and out of TNA, he has watched Abyss climb the ladder.  He saw Abyss scrape and scrap and crawl.  He saw Abyss fall through tacks and barbed wire.  He saw Abyss climb the ladder until Abyss became World Champion.  He says that he does not know about Abyss’s past.  All that matters is Abyss is a bona fide champion.  At Genesis, Abyss let Jim Mitchell lead him around like a puppy dog.  He wants to know why Abyss lets Jim Mitchell lead Abyss like a puppet.  Is it because Abyss is looking for something?  Is it because Abyss is looking for someone to lead him out of the pain and torment?  Abyss sits down in the chair.  Sting asks if it is because Abyss wants to be his own champion.  Is it because he wants to be his own man?  He calls Abyss ‘Chris’.  Abyss looks up at Sting, but we cut to Jim Mitchell on the video screen.  Mitchell calls Sting a pathetic fool and says that Sting is wasting his time.  Mitchell says that Abyss is an animal, just like Sting.  He says that Sting’s spiritual pipe dreams don’t make him any better.  He tells Sting to look into Abyss’s eyes and then look into a mirror.  What Sting let loose at Genesis proved that if Sting considers Abyss to be evil, then Sting is the same.  He calls Sting a hypocrite and then tells Sting that before he saves souls, he better start by saving his own.  Abyss stands up and Sting tells Abyss to start worrying about himself because he makes his own decisions.  Sting leaves the ring and Abyss is alone in the center of the ring. 

Christian Cage and Tomko attack Abyss from behind.  Christian and Tomko punch and kick Abyss.  Tomko with a TKO to Abyss.  Christian and Tomko leave when Sting returns to the ring.  Sting offers his hand to Abyss to help him up.  Jim Mitchell comes to the ring and he gets in Sting’s face and Mitchell slaps Sting.  Mitchell pulls Abyss out of the ring and leads him to the back.

Petey Williams is in the interview area, but before he can answer a question, the Latin American Exchange attack Petey.   Konnan asks Kurt Angle how he is going to do tonight when he has to face LAX by himself.  We go to commercial.

We are back with Christy and Jeremy and Jeremy talks about Turning Point on December 10th.  He talks about the tag title situation.  Christy discusses the flag burning situation as well as LAX attacking Petey Williams.  Jeremy and Christy talk about how Kurt Angle will have to face LAX by himself in the tag title match.

Match Number Four:  Kurt Angle and Petey Williams versus the Latin American Exchange for the NWA World Tag Team Titles

The match starts off as a handicap match because of the attack on Williams.  Hernandez and Angle start off and Angle with a side head lock take down.  Angle slaps Hernandez on the break in the corner.  Hernandez with a kick and side head lock followed by a shoulder tackle.  Angle with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and Homicide is tagged in.  Homicide with forearms but Angle with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker and the straps are down.  Angle gets Homicide up for the Angle slam, but Hernandez clips Angle.  Homicide works on the leg and then he chokes Angle.  Hernandez tags in and Homicide catapults Angle to Hernandez and Hernandez hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.  Samoa Joe comes to ringside to have Angle’s back, per their agreement last week.  Hernandez with a snap mare and rear chin lock.  Angle gets to his feet and he hits a belly-to-back suplex on Hernandez and both men are down.  Angle tags in Joe and Homicide is tagged in.  Joe with forearms to Hernandez and Homicide followed by a jumping round kick to Homicide.  Hernandez punches Joe, but Joe with a reverse atomic drop and a running Yakuza kick and senton splash.  Joe with a scoop power slam to Homicide.  Homicide tries for an Ace Crusher, but Joe blocks it and he puts Homicide in the Choke.  Angle comes in and he puts Hernandez in the ankle lock.  The referee calls for the bell and then we see Jim Cornette at the announce table.

Konnan and his lawyer are arguing with Jim Cornette.  Dave Penzer announces that since Samoa Joe is not contractually in this match, it is a no contest.

After the match, Angle offers his hand to Joe and Joe shakes it.  We go to credits.

Xplosion Thoughts:

When did Brother Runt become a face again?  I don’t remember if Brother Runt ever came out to the Team 3D music in a singles match before.

I thought the Senshi/Brother Runt match was a very good television match.  I don’t know why either of these men are not regularly on Impact because they can have good matches with almost anyone on the roster.

I liked that they give Senshi and Runt time to wrestle.  I hope that if they are going to keep guys who can wrestle like Runt and Senshi on Xplosion that they would give them at least ten minutes to have good wrestling matches on television.

One thing that you associate with a TNA match is a crowd that is that they are lively and into every match.  That did not appear to be the case for the Runt/Senshi match.  However, without the crowd being so lively, it allowed for the action in the ring to be the focus. 

In addition to longer matches, one thing that Xplosion needs to make sure that it is not just Impact Light is the utilization of Christy Hemme and Jeremy Borash for interviews with wrestlers to advance secondary storylines.

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