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By Buck Woodward on 2006-11-26 22:42:00

Welcome to's coverage of WWE Survivor Series.  We will be updating this page throughout the evening with results from the show, so check back often. 

The PPV began with a video package putting over the history of the Survivor Series and highlighting some of the issues leading to matches on tonight's show. 

Michael Cole & JBL welcomed us, then tossed it over to Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler, then it went to Hugo Savinovich & Carlos Cabrera.  No ECW announce team.  Then again, there's no matches on the show that are strictly ECW. 

Each of the legends, including Arn Anderson, had a separate entrance.

Elimination Match: Ric Flair, Ron Simmons, Sgt. Slaughter & Dusty Rhodes, with Arn Anderson, vs. The Spirit Squad (Nicky, Mikey, Johnny & Kenny), with Mitch. 

Simmons started out with Mikey.  Mikey shoved Simmons, then went down when he tried a shoulderblock.  They locked up, and Mikey grabbed a side headlock, but Simmons threw him right off and dared him to get up.  Mikey poked him in the eyes and hit some forearms, but Simmons powerslammed him, then laid out the rest of the Squad as they ran in.  Mitch tripped Simmons, and when Ron went out after him, Mitch backed up into Arn Anderson, who threw him into the ringpost, then into the ring.  The referee claimed he counted out Simmons, even though he never actually reached ten in the ring, as far as I could see. 

Ron Simmons is eliminated. 

The referee ordered Mitch to leave as well, claiming he saw the trip.  Simmons gave Mitch a spinebuster, then dragged Mitch to the locker room. The referee then ordered Arn Anderson out for throwing Mitch (who was not a match participant) into the ringpost. The fans chanted "bulls***".  Lawler noted this is the first time a referee has seen and called everything. 

Slaughter got in with Nicky and after Nicky saluted him, Slaughter gave him a series of bodyslams.  Dusty tagged in and hit a bionic elbow to Nicky's outstretched arm.  Rhodes elbowed the arm again, then tagged in Ric Flair, who chopped Nicky in the corner.  Flair hit some more chops, then tagged in Slaughter, who hit a clothesline then put Nicky in the Cobra Clutch.  Nicky was going out, when Kenny ran in to break it up.  Dusty stopped him, but this distracted the referee, and Johnny superkicked Slaughter, and Nicky got the pin. 

Sgt. Slaughter is eliminated. 

Dusty dropped an elbow on the nearly unconscious Nicky and got a pin.

Nicky is eliminated. 

Mikey worked on Dusty, then tagged in Johnny.  Dusty threw some elbows, but Johnny managed to keep him in the Spirit Squad corner and tag Kenny.  Dusty hit the flip, flop and fly on Kenny, but missed an elbow in the corner.  Kenny rolled up Dusty and pulled his jeans for a pin. 

Dusty Rhodes is eliminated. 

Johnny screamed about it being 3 on 1 as he went after Flair.  He tagged in Mikey, who traded shots with Flair.  Flair hit a reverse atomic drop, then used the ropes for leverage for the pin.

Mikey is eliminated. 

Kenny backdropped Flair and hit some elbows to the chest.  Flair grabbed a small package on a backdrop attempt and got the pin. 

Kenny is eliminated. 

Kenny and Flair shoved each other, and Johnny shoved Flair from behind, knocking him into Kenny, and knocking Kenny out of the ring.  Johnny went for a right hand, but Flair ducked it, hit a shinbuster and applied the figure four leglock for the submission at the ten minute mark. 

Johnny is eliminated.  Ric Flair is the sole survivor.

The other members of the Spirit Squad ran in and turned the figure four over so Flair was trapped in the move.  Kenny hit a top rope legdrop to the back of Flair's head.  The Spirit Squad then left, with Flair laid out in the ring.  

The events leading to Chris Benoit vs. Chavo Guerrero were recapped. 

U.S. Champion Chris Benoit vs. Chavo Guerrero, with Vickie Guerrero. 

Benoit hit some forearms at the bell and slammed Chavo, then hit a powerdrive elbow and a side backbreaker for a one count.  Benoit rammed Chavo in the buckles, then chopped his chest. Benoit delivered some knees to the gut, then headbutted Chavo to the ring apron.  Chavo rolled back in and hit an uppercut, but Benoit chopped him down then hit a snap suplex for another one count.  Benoit slammed Chavo for another one.  Chavo hit a shot to the gut and went on offense with European uppercuts and punches, but Benoit headbutted him and chopped Chavo.  Benoit hit a running forearm for another one count.  Benoit hit some kneelifts, then chopped Chavo.  Guerrero fired back with some forearms to the back, then stomped Benoit in the corner.  Benoit grabbed Chavo's arm and took him down in a Crippler Crossface attempt, but Vickie grabbed Chavo's foot and pulled it to the ropes. 

Benoit hit some knees to the head, then dropped Chavo with a back suplex.  Chavo hit a knee to the gut and threw Benoit shoulder first into the ringpost, then choked him with his boot. Chavo delivered a backdrop driver for a two count, then kicked Benoit and applied a rear chinlock before switching to an overhead wristlock.  Benoit lifted Chavo and hit a Samoan Drop to escape the hold, but Chavo came right back with a dropkick for a two count.  Chavo kicked at Benoit's arm, then decked him with an uppercut.  Chavo yelled "I told you to stay out of my business, but you don't want to" as he kicked him.  Chavo missed a right hand and Benoit hit three consecutive German suplexes, then called for the top rope headbutt. 

Benoit went to the ropes, but Vickie grabbed at his foot, slowing him down.  Benoit went for the headbutt, but Chavo rolled out of the way.  Chavo kicked at Benoit's back, then delivered a series of forearms.  Chavo hit a brainbuster, then went to the top rope. Chavo hit a frog splash for a two count.  There was a brief "Eddie" chant.  Chavo went to pick up Benoit, but Benoit grabbed his legs and went for a Sharpshooter, but Chavo started punching Benoit in the head before he could turn it over.  Vickie got on the apron, as Chavo kicked off Benoit, and Benoit fell backwards into Vickie on the apron, knocking her to the floor.  Chavo rolled up Benoit for a two count, but Benoit rolled through it and got the Crippler Crossface for the tapout win that the eight minute mark. 

Winner: Chris Benoit.

JBL screamed bloody murder over Benoit knocking down Vickie Guerrero, even though the replays showed he went into her back first. 

Backstage, Todd Grisham interviewed Edge and Lita.  Lita ripped on the fans and said she hadn't changed her mind, she was retiring tonight.  Edge said Mickie James will go down faster than Donovan McNabb for the cheap heat moment.  Lita left, then Edge bragged about winning his Survivor Series match later, while Cryme Tyme snuck into Lita's dressing room behind Edge's back.  Edge left, and Cryme Tyme walked out with a box with a bra hanging out of it.  Grisham asked what they were doing, and they told him he didn't see anything, before taking off with the box. 

WWE Women's Champion Lita vs. Mickie James. 

Lita was introduced as "competing in her final match".  Mickie slapped Lita at the bell, then hit a drop toe hold and kicked her.  Mickie hit some punches in the corner, then choked Lita on the middle rope.  Mickie hit some kicks to the midsection, but Lita came back with a toss into the buckles and a one legged monkey flip.  Lita kit some kicks, then threw Mickie in the corner.  Mickie fought back with punches, but Lita threw her down by the hair.  Mickie hit a clothesline, then went for a headscissors, but Lita threw it off and rammed Mickie head first to the mat.  Lita choked Mickie against the middle rope.  The fans keep yelling "Hooo!" and I don't think they are looking for a Hacksaw run-in.  Lita hit some knees to the gut, but Mickie fought back, only to be given a side Russian legsweep.  

Lita stomped Mickie in the groin, then headbutted her there.  There was a "She's a Crack Whore" chant.  Lita suplex Mickie for a two count.  Lawler is unloading all of his one-liners, making fun of Lita.  Lita applied a sleeper, but Mickie made the ropes.  Lita went to the top rope, but Mickie dodged a flying bodypress attempt.  Mickie started to climb the ropes, but Lita grabbed her and hit a back suplex.  "She's got herpes" chant now.  They traded punches, with Mickie getting the better of it.  Mickie hit a clothesline, and a pair of back elbows, and got a two count. Mickie threw some kicks, finishing with a spin kick for a two count.  Mickie grabbed a cradle suplex for a two count.  Mickie set up for a DDT, but Lita shoved her off into the corner.  Lita charged, and Mickie grabbed her for a headscissors, but Lita threw it off.  Lita hit a moonsault for a two count. Lita went for a DDT, but Mickie grabbed the ropes and Lita fell hard to the mat.  Mickie rolled up Lita for a two count.  Lita grabbed a small package for a two count.   Mickie floated over a slam and rolled up Lita for a two count, then Lita reversed it for a two count.  Mickie then grabbed Lita in a swinging DDT for the pin at the nine minute mark.

Winner and new Women's Champion: Mickie James.

James left.  Lita demanded that Lilian Garcia come into the ring and say "Let's here it for the greatest Women's Champion of all time".  The fans booed.  Lita freaked out, saying how disgusted she was with the fans and how disrespectful they were.  Cryme Tyme's music hit, and they came out, carrying the box.  Lita was still throwing a tantrum in the ring.

Cryme Tyme said they found a box of her stuff, and they were going to have a tribute sale, a "Ho-sale" if you will.  They started selling her underwear to fans at ringside, for cash.  Lita was freaking out on the mic, while Cryme Tyme kept selling stuff.  They found a Monostat box, read the instructions, then sold it for a dollar.  JBL even got in on it, saying he was the only man in the company without a pair of her panties, so he bought a pair.  JBL asked for change of a hundred, and Cryme Tyme took off with the bill.  Cryme Tyme took out something wrapped in a towel that was "vibrating".  Lita offered to buy that back herself, but they sold it to someone in the crowd for $25.  They then joked that they had something "cheap and wide", and held up the empty box, saying "It's Lita's box".  Cryme Tyme left while Lita continued her tantrum in the ring.

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