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By Buck Woodward on 2006-09-17 22:51:00

Welcome to our coverage of WWE Unforgiven.  We will be updating this page throughout the evening, so check back often for updates. Coverage will begin at the conclusion of the first match.

Unforgiven opened with a video package highlighting the major matches (Edge-Cena, DX-McMahons & Show) on the PPV. 

Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro, with Melina, vs. Jeff Hardy. 

There was a "Hardy" chant as soon as the theme music ended.  They locked up, with Hardy breaking clean on the ropes as Nitro stepped to the apron.  Nitro got back in and grabbed an armdrag.  Nitro bragged about his move.  There was a "Nitro Sucks" chant.  Nitro blocked a hiptoss, but messed up on flipping over it.  Hardy came back with an armdrag of his own and applied an armbar.  Hardy slid under Nitro as he escaped and then hit another armdrag.  Hardy leapfrogged Nitro as he tried a whip in the corner, then hit another armdrag.  Nitro came back with some kicks, but Hardy avoided an armdrag grabbed an Oklahoma Roll for two, then grabbed another armdrag. 

Nitro started throwing forearms, but Hardy grabbed a backslide as he tried a neckbreaker for a two count.  Hardy hit a double legdrop to the "lower abdomen" and Nitro went to the floor to regroup.  There was a "Hardy" chant.  Nitro hit some forearms and whipped Hardy hard into a corner, then measured him with big punches.  Hardy reversed a whip, and Nitro tried a leapfrog, but Hardy avoided it and dropkicked Nitro into a corner.  Hardy hit some punches and a kick out of the corner off the ropes, then set up for a Swanton.  Nitro rolled out of the ring, and Hardy hit a baseball slide.  Hardy brought back his old "walking the security wall" spot, hitting a clothesline on the floor. 

Back in the ring, Hardy went to climb the ropes, but Nitro dropkicked him down.  Nitro applied a spinning toehold and dropped down on the leg.  Nitro hit the move again, then backed Hardy in a corner and kicked at his leg.  Hardy battled back with punches.  Hardy missed an enzugiri, and Nitro slammed Hardy's knee into the mat.  Nitro scored a two count.  Nitro stood on Hardy's foot and kicked his leg.  Nitro stayed on the leg, kicking it out from under Jeff for a two count. Nitro went to the floor, pulling Hardy's leg across the apron, and pounded it.  Nitro slingshotted onto the leg as it was stretched across the apron.  

Nitro took it back into the ring, scoring a two count and continuing to work on the left leg of Hardy, putting on a modified Indian Deathlock.  Nitro pulled on the leg, then hit a shinbuster before kicking the leg again.  Nitro put Hardy's leg on the second rope and dropped his knee across it, then applied an ankle lock.  Hardy tried to rally with some chops, but Nitro hit a chopblock on the knee.  Nitro went to the top rope for a corkscrew moonsault, but Hardy moved out of the way and Nitro crashed to the mat.  Nitro hit Hardy with a back elbow as they got up, but soon they were trading reversals on a rollup, ending in a two count for Hardy.  Hardy hit some clotheslines, but Nitro kicked him and went for a neckbreaker.  Hardy blocked it, and Nitro tried for a suplex, but Hardy blocked it and hit a back elbow. 

Hardy scaled the ropes and hit the Whisper In The Wind, but Nitro kicked out at two.  Nitro went back on the offensive, putting Hardy on the top rope and attempting a top rope rana.  Hardy held onto the ropes, and Nitro crashed to the mat.  Hardy then hit the Swanton, then crawled onto Nitro for the cover, but Nitro got his foot on the bottom rope. Nitro lunged at Hardy's leg, but Hardy grabbed a sunset flip, only for Nitro to roll through it into an ankle lock.  Hardy hit a mule kick to escape, then went for a Twist Of Fate, but Nitro grabbed the leg to escape and applied an ankle lock with a leglace. Hardy reached for the ropes, but Nitro pulled him back into the center of the ring to reapply the hold.  There were chants for Nitro and Hardy at this point.  Hardy made the ropes to escape the hold. 

Nitro went for the leg again, but Hardy kicked him away, and into Melina, who had gotten on the apron.  Melina was knocked to the floor and Hardy rolled up Nitro for a two count.  Nitro charged Hardy, who backdropped him to the ring apron.  Nitro went to the top rope and jumped off, attempting a rana, but Hardy caught it and powerbombed Nitro to the mat.  Hardy slumped against the ropes after the move, and Melina (who had removed her boot after falling to the floor), blasted Hardy in the head with the heel of her boot.  Hardy fell to the mat and Nitro got the pin at the nineteen minute mark. 

Winner: Johnny Nitro

We then had a video package on the Marine.  Yep, on PPV. 

Smackdown General Manager Theodore R. Long was shown watching the show from a skybox.

Backstage, Matt Hardy consoled Jeff Hardy on his loss.  Lita showed up, and mocked her former teammates, pointing out how they would never be champions (like Edge and herself).  Lita said that Matt would have the chance to face John Cena on Smackdown after Edge beats him tonight. Lita walked off grinning.

Umaga, with Armando, vs. Kane.

Armando did some mic work before the match, basically saying that Kane wasn't a monster, and that Umaga was "the only monster" in WWE. Kane then did his usual pyro filled entrance. 

They locked up at the bell, with Umaga backing Kane in the corner.  Kane fired off some punches, backing Umaga across the ring.  They traded shots, with Umaga raking the eyes, but Kane hitting a boot to the face.  Kane charged, but Umaga hit a spin kick.  Kane sat up, and Umaga clotheslined him over the top rope, and Kane landed on his feet on the floor.  Umaga came out after him, and they exchanged shots.  Armando got too close, and Kane pulled off his jacket and ripped it.  Umaga gave Kane a reverse legsweep, driving him face first into the floor.  There was a "Umaga" chant from some fans. 

Back in the ring, Umaga hit a diving headbutt on Kane.  Umaga hit some shots and a bodyblock on Kane, then punched him down in a corner. Umaga measured Kane and hit the running butt bump to Kane as he was slumped against the bottom turnbuckle.  Armando called for the Spike, but Kane hit Umaga with a punch to stop him.  They went back and forth with punches, with Umaga getting the better of it.  Kane booted a charging Umaga then fired off with lefts and rights in the corner.  Kane hit a lariat in the corner, then delivered a second.  Kane gave Umaga another clothesline, but Umaga wouldn't go down.  Kane charged again, but Umaga caught him with a Samoan Drop.  Umaga went to the second rope and dove at Kane, but Kane sat up and Umaga crashed to the mat.  

Kane hit a top rope clothesline, and called for a chokeslam.  Kane grabbed Umaga by the throat.  Umaga went for the Spike, but Kane blocked it and hit some headbutts.  Umaga hit a punch, but Kane grabbed Umaga and sort of belly to belly suplexed him over the top rope and to the floor.  Kane clotheslined Umaga over the security wall, then went after him.  As they brawled in the crowd, the referee counted out both men at the eight minute mark. 

Result: Double countout.

They brawled all the way to the back, as fans booed the result. 

Backstage, the McMahons were watching footage from Raw, and bragging about beating DX.  Shane said he would take them down, and Vince could just cover them for the pin.  Vince said that unlike Canada, which has all of their allies do the work, he wanted to be the one to put DX down and beat them. 

World Tag Team Champions The Spirit Squad vs. The Highlanders. 

Mikey and Kenny are wrestling for the Squad tonight.  Rory started out with Mikey, grabbing a sunset flip for a two count.  Mikey hit a back elbow, but missed a charge in the corner.  Rory rammed Mikey into the turnbuckles, and then into the head of Robbie for a two count.  Robbie tagged in and headbutted the outstretched arm of Mikey.  Robbie headbutted and twisted Mikey's arm, then tagged in Rory, who hit a double axhandle on the arm from the second rope.  Robbie tagged back in with a headbutt to the arm for a two count.  Mikey hit a knee to the gut and Kenny tagged in.  Robbie backdropped and slammed him, then tagged in Rory, who threw Robbie into a shoulderblock on Kenny.  Robbie tagged in and did the same with Rory.  Robbie hit a double knee to the chest in the corner and tagged in Rory, who did the same for a two count. Robbie tagged back in, but Kenny but on the brakes on a whip and tagged Mikey. 

Mikey walked right into a double drop toehold and was give a double elbowdrop.  Mikey pulled Robbie's hair to finally get things in the Spirit Squad corner, but as Kenny tagged in, Robbie went on the offensive, dropkicking Kenny to the floor.  Robbie went for a tope, but Kenny dodged it and Robbie crashed to the floor.  The other Spirit Squad members attacked Robbie while Kenny distracted the referee.  Back in the ring, Mikey clotheslined Robbie for a two count. Mikey hung Robbie on the top rope and hit some kicks.  Kenny tagged in and flipped Mikey onto Robbie, then scored a two count before applying a chinlock. Kenny scored another two with a clothesline, then threw Mikey into a flying forearm on Robbie for a two count. Mikey tried to jump off Kenny's back, but Robbie moved and Mikey crashed into the corner.  Robbie then avoided Kenny and was about to make the tag, but Rory was pulled off the apron before a tag could be made.  The Spirit Squad gave Robbie the Hart Attack, but Rory broke it up. 

The Spirit Squad stayed on the offense, with Kenny giving Robbie a neckbreaker.  Rory pulled Robbie out of the way of a Kenny top rope legdrop, and Kenny crashed to the mat.  Rory got the tag and hit Mikey with double sledge shots.  Rory gave Mikey a flapjack, then knocked the other Spirit Squad members off the apron.  Rory threw Kenny onto his teammates at ringside.  The Highlanders hit Mikey with a double slingshot gourdbuster, but Kenny broke up the pin.  All four men were going at it, and Johnny hit Rory with a kick from the apron, allowing MIkey to hit a facebuster and get the pin at the twelve minute mark while Kenny held Robbie to keep him from breaking it up. 

Winners: The Spirit Squad.

A video package on the McMahons-DX feud was shown. 

Hell In A Cell: D-Generation X (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) vs. Vince & Shane McMahon & Big Show.

The McMahons and Big Show made they entrances, then the cell was lowered before DX entered. DX got a big pop for their entrance.  

DX double low blowed Big Show at the bell, then went after the McMahons.  There was a "You screwed Bret" chant as DX slugged it out with the McMahons.  Shane was tossed to the floor by Michaels, as Triple H punched Vince to the outside.  Big Show was getting up, so DX double kicked him in the groin again.  Michaels rammed Shane into the cable that connects the turnbuckles to the ringpost, then used the ropes to slingshot Shane off the apron and into the steel mesh.  On the floor, Triple H punched Vince in the head repeatedly.  Shane was bleeding as Shawn Michaels punched him on the floor.  Triple H threw Vince head first into the cage, and soon he was bleeding. 

Michaels rubbed Shane's face against the cage and kicked him in the head.  Triple H punched Vince in his forehead and then rubbed his face in the steel.  Shawn tossed Shane into the cage wall again.  Triple H drove a screwdriver into Vince's head, and McMahon screamed.  Michaels punched Shane in his bloody forehead.  All of the action was on the floor, while Big Show was recovering in the ring.  Finally, Triple H took Vince into the ring and slammed him.  Big Show got up and hit Triple H, then caught Shawn Michaels as he came off the top rope and slammed him.  

Big Show whipped Triple H over the top rope and to the floor, then went after him on the floor.  Michaels went for a pescado, but Show caught him.  Michaels floated over him and shoved Show into the steel mesh, then DX whipped Big Show into the steps on the floor.  DX went back into the ring to work over the McMahons again.  Michaels chopped Shane, while Triple H hit Vince with a kneedrop.  Big Show got back into the ring, clotheslining Michaels and headbutting Triple H.  Shane McMahon clotheslined Michaels over the top rope and to the floor.  Big Show pounded Triple H down in the ring, allowing Shane to kick him in the gut.  Big Show headbutted Triple H, then chokeslammed him.  

Show went to the floor to go after Michaels, giving him a headbutt, and then lifting him for a powerbomb, but tossing him backwards so he would go headfirst into the cage.  In the ring, Shane hit Triple H with elbows.  Shane worked him over with punches, while Vince cheered him on.  Big Show lifted Shawn Michaels and rammed him head first into the cage.  Vince hit Triple H with elbows in the ring.  Show got back in the ring and headbutted Triple H.  Shane McMahon went under the ring and got a trash can.  Triple H was down in a corner, and Shane wedged the trash can in the ropes in front of him.  Shane set up for Coast to Coast, as Big Show held the can in place.  Shane came off the top rope and hit the dropkick into the can into the side of Triple H's head..  Triple H was bleeding from the ear and Vince attacked it with punches. 

Big Show threw Shawn Michaels back into the ring, and he and Shane held Shawn Michaels so Vince could punch him over and over.  Triple H rolled to the floor.  Shane McMahon was taking apart the ring steps.  Vince whipped Triple H into a Shane clothesline on the floor.  Shane set up Triple H on a section of the ringsteps, then catapluted him off it into the steel fence.  In the ring, Show knocked around Michaels while Vince told him to "brutalize him".  Big Show hit a Vader Bomb (as called by JR) onto Michaels from the second rope.  Vince covered Michaels, but pulled him up at the two count.  Vince said he wanted to "teach him a lesson" and had Big Show give him the Cobra Clutch backbreaker.  Show then gave Michaels the Showstopper.  Vince covered Michaels, put pulled him up at two again.  

Triple H got back in the ring.  Big Show charged, but Triple H ducked and pulled down the top rope and Show tumbled out of the ring to the floor.  Triple H started to clean house, and gave Vince a facebuster to his knee.  Triple H set up for a Pedigree, but Shane grabbed Triple H in a Torture Rack and dropped Triple H into a neckbreaker.  Shawn Michaels gave Shane a enzugiri, sending him to the floor.  Vince McMahon gave Michaels a clothesline.  Show got back in the ring, and Vince pulled down his pants.  Vince hiked up his underwear, and wasn't paying attention to Triple H, who was standing back up.  Triple H decked Vince McMahon, but Big Show decked Triple H.  Show slammed Michaels, and Vince (who pulled his pants back up) held down Michaels and told Show to splash him.  As Show went for the splash, Michaels sat up and pulled Vince down and Show accidentally splashed Vince across the back.  

As Show stood up, DX tripped him and pulled him crotch first into the ringpost.  Show was deposited on the floor.  Shane crawled back into the ring, as DX also reentered.  DX took turns punching him, then Michaels hit Shane with a flying forearm, kipped up, and gave Shane a reverse atomic drop.  Shane turned right into a Triple H spinebuster.  Triple H went under the ring for chairs, putting one around the head of Shane McMahon.  Shawn Michaels hit a top rope elbowdrop with the chair closed around Shane's neck.  Shane was shaking on the mat, clutching his throat with blood coming out of his mouth.  

Big Show grabbed Michaels' leg from the floor and yanked him to the outside. Big Show then grabbed Triple H and yanked him throat first across the top rope.  Show took a section of the ring steps into the ring and lifted them up, but Triple H hit him in the gut with a chair.  Show fell down, his head resting in the "V" of the back of the steps, and Triple H hit him with a chairshot to the back of the head.  Show slowly got to his feet, and Michaels hit him with a superkick.  Show, unconscious, slumped against the ropes.  Vince McMahon stood up, face to face with DX.  Triple H dumped the ring steps to the floor.  Vince yelled at them "Come on, damn it".  Michaels and Triple H instead went to Show, who was slumped over the ropes, and pulled down his trunks, exposing Show's rear end.  DX gave Vince a crotch chop and then rammed his face into Big Show's rear end.  Show fell over the top rope to the floor, and Vince looked like he was going to puke in the ring.  

Jim Ross suggested that Vince might need "Dr. Heinie".  Triple H went for a sledgehammer.  Shawn Michaels hit Vince with a superkick, and Vince was knocked to his knees.  Triple H then hit Vince across the back of the head with the sledgehammer, with the hammer "breaking across his head".  Triple H then covered Vince for the pin at the 27 minute mark.  

Winners: D-Generation X. 

Doctors and EMT's rushed the ring as the cage lifted up.  Shane was convulsing, eyes open, in the ring, and Vince wasn't moving.  Both men were fitted with neck collars and put on stretchers. 

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