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By Richard Trionfo on 2024-06-15 11:59:00

Welcome to’s live coverage of WWE’s Clash at the Castle Pay Per View from Glasgow, Scotland.

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Michael Cole takes us on a video tour of Scotland.

Drew McIntyre arrives at the building.

Damian Priest traverses the parking lot.

Your host is Michael Cole and he is joined by Kevin Owens and Big E.

We take a look at the card for tonight's show.

Jackie Redmond is in the back and she talks about Piper Niven, Isla Dawn, and Alba Fyre's background in Scotland.

Cathy Kelley is outside of the arena with fans.

They talk about the match between Drew McIntyre and Damian Priest.

We go to part one of an interview with Drew McIntyre conducted by Jackie Redmond.

Drew is asked how much is he looking forward to coming home.  He says it wasn't a dream as a child to main event a PLE in Scotland.  It is a dream come true tonight.  He quotes the song Caledonia to talk about the experience.  She asks him what memories does he have from his time in Glasgow.  He says he spent four years at university and he did learn a lot.  He learned to always speak your mind and speak the truth.  If someone goes too far, give them a kiss between the eyes, Glasgow style.

Jackie reminds Drew about the match two years ago in Cardiff.  He says he never felt that much emotion from a crowd who were all in his corner.  He says Solo screwed him over and it was a shot through his and everyone's heart.  He is asked if he is over it and he says no.  He says he doesn't think he will ever be over it.  Drew mentions Jey going to Raw and he still had those issues.  He says trauma does not go away that easily. 

Drew is asked about issues he had over the last few months but he resigned with the company.  Drew says he was considering taking time off.  He mentions his sister-in-law passing and he saw family he hadn't seen in a while.  He was trying to figure out what was best for his career and future.  He says they worked out a situation that allows him to give to both his family and his career.  He mentions that balance that he gets with this new deal.

Drew is asked about the state of WWE in 2024.  Drew says everyone is killing it.  He says the roster is on fire.  The level of in ring talent and matches are at a different level.  He says it is up to them to keep it going.  He says the only thing that needs improvement is the Raw champion.

We see Sami Zayn arriving at the building.

Cathy Kelley is with Chad Gable, Otis, and Maxxine Dupri.

She asks about Chad falling short, not being able to win in Montreal.

Chad says the family is in line and they are taking orders the right way.  They are here and they know the plan to help him win his title NO MATTER WHAT.

Cathy asks Maxxine how she is doing.

Chad tells Cathy that Maxxine is fine.

Chad asks where is Tozawa and he yells at Otis for not keeping track of him.  Chad says he will pay on Monday.

We have a video package.

Big E picks Chad.  Kevin says he has to pick Sami.

We take a look at a Darts Challenge with two of the top dart players and Pretty Deadly with guest star William Regal.

They move on to the I Quit Match.

Kevin picks AJ.  Big E picks Cody.

We take a look at Piper Niven with a video package.

We see Piper Niven and Chelsea Green arriving at the building.

Cathy Kelley is with Bayley.

Cathy wishes Bayley a Happy Birthday.  She asks about Piper having a home town advantage.  Bayley says she knows how important it is to be in your home country and she has done so much for women's wrestling in Scotland.  She is the same person who has attacked her for the last month.  She cares about the fans and she apologizes for beating Piper in front of her friends and family.

Cathy has Bayley send it back to the idiot Michael Cole.

We have a video package for the Women's Title match.

Chelsea Green joins the panel and she insults Cole's description of her related to Piper.

We have a video package for Roddy Piper.

Jackie Redmond takes over as the host for the second half of the Countdown show and the panel now have seats.

We go to part two of Drew's interview with Jackie Redmond.

Drew is asked about what the critics are saying about him calling him a hypocrite.  Drew mentions Michael Cole.  He says that Cole is using a position of power that is irresponsible.  He praised Drew during the Pandemic while Drew said it was a team effort.  Drew says he went down a different path and Cole is attacking him.  Jackie talks about Drew during the Pandemic being champion with no fans.  She asks if every time Drew gets to lead things, something happens and does it make him bitter.  Drew says it made him stronger.  These situations would have crushed others but Drew says he was ready for it.  Drew says you can put the company on his back and he will do it.  He did it when the world went to hell.  When he wins the title in Scotland, it will be perfect.

Jackie asks Drew about Damian Priest.  Drew says he saw a man with a huge upside.  He knows what Priest had to overcome to get where he is.  He says there are times when Priest is playing the role of a champion.  He says that Priest is trying for a buzz and cheap pop and not put the focus in the right place.  He says he will embarrass Priest.  Priest says he has been in WWE longer and he will pass Priest.  He says they are both driven but Drew says his resume is so much longer than Priest's.

Jackie asks about the match and Drew says it will be epic.  One of their own will become champion.

We take a look at British wrestling.

Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn arrive at the building.

Zoey Stark and Shayna Baszler walk in the parking lot.

Cathy Kelley is in the back and she says that she was hoping to talk to Jade and Bianca.  She mentions that Jade lost her bags on the trip to Scotland.  

We have a video package with Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn about wrestling in Scotland.

We take a look at the Women's Tag Team Championship Match.

Peter Rosenberg joins the panel to discuss the Drew McIntyre/Damian Priest match.

We have a video package for Drew's return to Scotland.

We take a look at the I Quit Match.

Cathy Kelley is in the aisle.  She mentions how far some people traveled to tonight's show.

AJ Styles and Cody Rhodes walk in the back since they will be starting off the pay per view.

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