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By Mike Johnson on 2024-05-31 10:18:00

There were a number of departures from TNA yesterday as part of cutbacks made by Anthem management, has confirmed.

Dave Sahadi, who held the post of Creative Director for the promotion and had been with the Anthem version of TNA from 2019 on, is gone from the promotion, has confirmed.  He was the Director for TNA broadcasts for 18 years during prior ownerships and was Creative Director for WWE for a number of years prior to that.

RD Evans, who was considered head of creative and was also a Producer, is also gone.  The word making the rounds is that relations between Evans and the company had grown strained in recent weeks and that Evans had been obviously "increasingly frustrated" according to one source.  The common belief among those we've spoken with is that Evans made the decision to leave, although some in TNA tried to paint it as a mutual agreement.  My belief is that Evans left of his own accord.  Evans' exit happened prior to yesterday's firings and was a separate situation.

We can also confirm there were multiple departures from the live events division, part of what was described to PWInsider as a "restructuring."  We are told that the company is working on who will oversee that aspect going forward as they have yet to lock in plans beyond the summer.  As of this morning, there is no location or venue set for Bound for Glory.  

There may have been additional departures as well.  It is not believed any talents were released.

Given what a tight-knit crew TNA is, it was a rough day.

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