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By Mike Johnson on 2024-05-30 13:20:00

TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace sat down with earlier today to discuss her surprise appearance on WWE NXT TV this week.   Some highlights:

When she learned she was returning to WWE programming:

"I think I probably found out about three weeks ago that it was officially happening. Initially, the only date I had was actually for Battleground, but I guess they decided they wanted to reintroduce me to the NXT, WWE audience  So they gave me those two other dates, which was, this week and the next week.   Yeah, just a few weeks ago, it finally all the details got ironed out and, obviously there's a bunch of meetings I have to do and all this other stuff. So finally found out that it was actually happening just recently."

The insane response:

"I love how excited everyone is and I love that everyone was so surprised because, like you said, it's very rare that anything can stay a secret in this day and age.  None of my friends and other wrestlers knew either. So it was just as much a surprise to the wrestlers as it was to the fans. So it feels really cool. This is This has been an awesome year and if I had to retire after Battlegrounds, I could probably say that would be okay, because this has just been so cool." 

What she hopes TNA gains from the WWE Partnership:

"So the good thing about like this partnership is obviously the WWE's influence and exposure and I think it really does have the potential to not only like kind of paint WWE in a good light because they're playing nice with their companies and they're getting really awesome, cool matches out of it.  The exposure that TNA gets can help, ticket sales. It can help viewership for them in general. And it also helps the exposure for these individual wrestlers that are getting these opportunities. So honestly, I feel like this partnership is perfect because I don't see a downside."

Roxanne Perez:

"I think she's extremely talented. It's funny. We actually both started when we were 14 years old in Texas. So, we came up in the same circle working the same shows. The only difference is that I had started before. So I ended up leaving Texas before she did. So we're very similar in that regard.  I know that she loves wrestling just as much as I have, you always see the videos of her At the total diva thing with AJ Lee, like I know that she's a wrestling fan just as much as I am and I know that she understands the magnitude of what this match could mean for both promotions."

What she hopes comes out of this for herself:

"I just...the biggest thing for me is that I want more people to see my work. I've wrestled I've wrestled so hard for so long over so many years that I just feel like I want some kind of what would be the word for this?  I just want to be acknowledged for my wrestling at this point. I want people to know this person has transformed herself and her, basically her wrestling ability over the years and she's worked so hard to get to where she's at. So I just want the acknowledgement of, just my work in general, like everybody else.  I want people to know me as a wrestling artist."

You can listen to the complete audio by clicking here.

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