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By Kendall Jenkins on 2024-05-14 09:28:00

The competitiveness in iGaming is super high, so branding will drive a company to success. Not only a quality product will make a company lead in the market but also, to achieve that position, it is necessary to advertise the brand and stand out from competitors. We look at a few strategies from the Risk.Inc company that iGaming companies could use to improve their positioning and build customer trust.

Unique positioning: finding your niche

But first of all, the path to leadership is distinguishing itself in brand positioning. The point is to find the niche for the company and clearly show the target audience in what way it is different from competitors. This may be a special selection of games, innovative features, high-quality customer service, or an attractive bonus program.

A strong visual identity helps in forming a brand. iGaming companies should pay special attention to coming up with a memorable logo, choosing the colors, and designing an attractive site and promo materials.

When creating a visual image, it is important to consider the following points:

  • The logo should be simple, easily recognizable and reflect the character of the brand;

  • The color scheme should evoke the right emotions and associations among the target audience;

  • The design of the website and advertising materials should be modern, intuitive and adapted to various devices.

Multi-channel marketing: reaching audiences across multiple platforms

A brand has to be effectively marketed to the iGaming industry with a multi-channel approach, meaning being present on several platforms and availing a variety of marketing tools to reach one's target audience.

Main promotion channels include:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) to attract organic traffic;

  • Contextual and media advertising to quickly attract the target audience;

  • Social networks and blogs to build a community around the brand and interact with customers;

  • Affiliate marketing to expand your reach and attract new customers;

  • Email marketing to keep in touch with existing customers and stimulate repeat sales.

Trust is a critical parameter to be considered when opting for an iGaming platform. Companies should strain every nerve to evoke the trust of potential customers by presenting themselves as professionals in the field. This can be done effectively by offering nothing but the best quality of educational content, including game guides, betting tips, and analytical reviews.

Collaborating with an influencer or a celebrity is another way to instill trust in a brand. Co-branding with the right influencers in promotions, event sponsorship, and advertising campaigns will increase brand awareness and bring new audiences.

Thus, all paths to leadership in the iGaming industry require a holistic approach to brand promotion. A company needs to find its very own niche, be recognizable visually, and approach the audience through all possible channels, and build credibility with experts' content and collaboration with opinion leaders.


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