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By Mike Johnson on 2024-05-11 14:01:00

Michael Levin, who was with World Wrestling Entertainment for over seven years and served as the company's Vice President of International Events and General Manager of Emerging Markets, exited the company over the past several days, has confirmed with multiple sources. 

Levin worked out of WWE's London office.   We are told that his position was phased out as part of the ongoing TKO Group assimilation of WWE and UFC.

Levin was in attendance at the Backlash: France event last weekend. 

Three days ago, he was touting the event on his Linkedin profile, writing:

"Amazing weekend in Lyon for the first ever WWE Live TV and Premium Live Events in France. The crowd was unlike anything I've ever seen.. 
Multiple records shattered:
- Highest Grossing Friday Night Smackdown in Company History
- Highest Grossing Arena Event in Company History
- Highest Grossing Event in Company History in France

Couldn't have done it without our incredible partner David Rothschild and team, and the face of WWE in France Philippe Chereau and Christophe Agius who have helped build this rabid fanbase over the years. And thanks to the team at LDLC Arena for hosting in their beautiful new arena. Merci Beaucoup."

Levin joined WWE back in August 2016 after serving as Senior Vice President, Brand Partnerships for SFX Entertainment.  He was initially VP of International before becoming VP of International Events in 2019. 

In July 2020, Levin was promoted to the post of GM Emerging Markets and VP, International Live Events.  He held that position until his exit this week. 

Levin had previously worked for Ticketmaster and Live Nation as well.

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