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By Mike Johnson on 2024-05-08 12:56:00


As we noted last week, WWE's Chief Operating Officer Brad Blum resigned from the company.  He officially finished on Friday 5/3.

Blum, who was Vince McMahon's Chief of Staff when McMahon reigned supreme in the company, first joined WWE back in 2006 before taking on greater responsibilities in 2020.     He had originally departed WWE after Vince McMahon's first "retirement" in the wake of the Wall Street Journal stories that later led to the Janel Grant lawsuit.  When McMahon returned to sell the company to Endeavor, Blum quickly followed. 

Blum has always been considered first and foremost a "McMahon Guy" and we've heard from a few people who have wondered if Blum's exit was potentially done in advance of McMahon launching a new professional venture.  There's been lots of speculation that McMahon is looking into a new business venture, but nothing to truly confirm that beyond a lot of chatter and assumptions.

WWE's Corporate Bio for Blum noted that he reported to WWE President , "As COO, Blum reports to Nick Khan and currently oversees Corporate Strategy, Marketing, Corporate Communications, Creative Services, IT & Technology, Insights & Analytics, Real Estate & Facilities, and Corporate Travel."    It also noted, "Blum has been a critical strategic and operational leader, ensuring both the development and execution of WWE’s strategic initiatives resulting in continuous record growth for the company."

There is no word yet if and when WWE will announce Blum's replacement as COO.


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