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By Mike Johnson on 2024-05-04 18:23:00

This afternoon following WWE Backlash: France, Paul Levesque took a question regarding Drew Gulak's exit from WWE, citing my reporting as well as before asking if Ronda Rousey's comments about Gulak on NewsNation led to his departure.

Levesque responded that the person asking the questions should be citing credible outlets, which obviously, anyone listening would have felt Levesque was referring directly to PWInsider as well as Fightful.  Given I've been invited to the WWE Performance Center on multiple occasions, have personally interviewed Levesque one on one and have been credentialed at dozens of WWE events, from Wrestlemania on down for over a decade, the comment was, to say the least, head-scratching to me.

In reaching out to WWE after the conference, we were told by the company that Levesque's comments were not meant to be taken as him "knocking either site" but that he was taking issue with the person asking a question based on reports "a talent was released when in fact the talent's deal was simply expiring." 

We were also told that no offense was "intended."

Yes, that's what we were told.

In regard to Drew Gulak's exit, at no point connected it in our reporting with Ronda's comments, since that would be us simply inferring, as opposed to doing what a credible outlet does - confirm their reporting.  Gulak was removed from WWE's internal roster yesterday, the same day as all other WWE NXT releases yesterday.   WWE can state his contract expired (or will expire shortly) but whether they renewed Drew Gulak's contract or they decided to cut him, it's all the same - he is exiting the company and not at his own behest.  

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