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By Mike Johnson on 2024-05-03 15:32:00 has confirmed the following WWE NXT talents were released today:

-Ezekiel Balogun.

-Julian Baldi.

-Trey Bearhill.

-Emmamaria Diaz, who was showcased on WWE Roku Channel series WWE: Next Gen.

-Valentina Feroz.

-Drew Gulak.

-Keyshawn Leflore, who was showcased on WWE Roku Channel series WWE: Next Gen.

-Darrell Mason.

-Vlad Pavlenko.

-Kiyah Saint.

Obviously, Gulak, who was involved in training Logan Paul and Bad Bunny, among others, is the highest profile name and one that immediately comes across as a mistake in my opinion, given everything he had done behind the scenes for the company.

There had been rumblings (and fear) over the last several weeks that releases were coming, as we had previously noted on

Sources have stated that the cuts were primarily made due to the lack of current creative plans for those departing as they were not being utilized and were not planned for anything in the near future.  In the case of Gulak, he was stated to have been "taken care of" by the D'Angelo Family, implying he was well, sleeping with the fishes.

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