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By Mike Johnson on 2024-04-26 17:16:00

Since there was a lot of talk about this week's AEW Dynamite audience drop, I reached out to a source at WBD today, who noted that internally, the company was actually "really happy" with this week's Dynamite numbers.

The source noted that AEW had a lot of competition due to the NBA and NHL Playoffs and that AEW still 6th for the evening on basic cable. 

Three of those shows that hit a higher audience in the demo were made up of NBA coverage on TNT, which internally were considered "in the same family" by WBD. 

The source noted that when they remove those competitors, only ESPN coverage of the NHL playoffs scored higher that evening.  AEW beat everything else on basic cable this past Wednesday in the 18-49 demo.

The source also noted that with the West Coast feed not airing at 8 PM Pacific due to the NBA coverage and the audio issues that TBS were having (which we are told happened at the TBS uplink itself, not from AEW's end), there were additional obstacles that AEW could not control and that internally, WBD were good with the numbers when they came in - and that they expect those numbers to be even better when they factor in the +3 and +7 viewings via DVRs, etc.

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