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By Mike Johnson on 2024-04-13 11:58:00

The longest running WWE employee still with World Wrestling Entertainment, 2019 WWE Hall of Fame Warrior Award winner Sue Aitchison exited the company yesterday, has confirmed with multiple sources.    We are told that Aitchinson was left go.

Aitchison, who served as the Director of Community Relations for the company, had been with WWF and WWE for well over 38 years.  She started with WWE back in 1986 and was a familiar face for decades alongside talents when they made appearances.

During her time with the company, Aitchinson was widely credited as leading WWE’s community outreach programs.  She was directly responsible for building the company's relationship with Make-A-Wish, helped launch the company's old Wrestlemania Reading Challenge.   

Aitchinson was honored with Make-A-Wish’s Chris Greicius Award in both 2006 and 2016.

In 2019, when WWE honored Aitchinson with the Warrior Award, Stephanie McMahon stated, “Sue has dedicated her entire career to helping Wish kids fulfill their dreams and putting smiles on countless families faces. Her heart and character epitomize the essence of the Warrior Award.  She is an unsung hero who deserves to be recognized and immortalized in the WWE Hall of Fame.”

The revelation that Aitchinson was gone from the company yesterday reverberated with shock among long-time former employees and was yet another sign of the end of the old WWE era.   It is a new world indeed,

Although her responsibilities had lessened in recent years, Aitchinson was considered one of the true mainstays for the company and had a run working behind the scenes that will likely never be matched, much less surpassed.

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