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By Mike Johnson on 2024-03-29 14:00:00 sat down with Mark Briscoe to discuss challenging for the ROH Championship at Supercard of Honor next Friday in Philadelphia and more earlier this week.  Highlights:

Challenging on the 11 Year Anniversary of his brother Jay winning the belt:

"Amen. [I] Said it to, my wife and my friends about man, God's booking this sh**, man. It's crazy just  how, like, hw much of it's so much of a coincidence that it just don't seem like a coincidence, like it's crazy man 11 years to the day and no one could have could have predicted or planned that."

Being so young he couldn't wrestle on the first-ever ROH event in 2002: 

"There was no way of knowing what that was, how big of an event.  That was that first night, just kicking off and starting a legit revolution in a legit milestone moment in professional wrestling history.  Yup. I couldn't wrestle.  I had to sit there and watch my brother and he wasn't winning matches at the time. So that was our storyline we had going. I was clowning him because he kept on losing and I wasn't able to wrestle because I was a year or two young, but yeah, it was crazy, man.  It was, I'm 17 years old. I was still a, let's see, I was, I guess I was a junior and he was a senior in high school, or No, he had just graduated and I was a senior maybe, but I'm still in high school  and had only been wrestling for two years. But, we hit the ground running and we, so we did a lot of wrestling in those first two years, but by the time Ring of Honor came around, like who knew that was going to be that, that, that event at the Murphy rec center was going to be the one that was going to change pro wrestling history."

Challenging Eddie Kingston in Philly:

"It's something, you know what I mean?  It couldn't be any more ideal as far as the opponent, it's Eddie Kingston. being a guy from the Northeast Indies and who's well known, respected, loved in Philly.  Then the city, we're in and my brother, we started in Wilmington, Delaware, which is pretty much a suburb of Philly, it's the outskirts of Philly.  So we pretty much started in Philly and Ring of Honor was born in Philly.  Even before we started wrestling, the first show we ever went to was Summerslam in Philly and then we used to go to the ECW Arena and that's where we really fell in love with wrestling and that was in South Philly so we have more history with Philly than any other city.  That makes it really cool so you know, we have the perfect opponent, we have the perfect location and it just so happens to be 11 years to the day that my brother won the Ring of Honor World title.  It just all lines up, man. It's crazy. Like I said, God's booking this sh**."

The legacy of The Briscoes vs. FTR feud:

"Those matches, now especially in hindsight, not that they weren't amazing and special when they happened, but then a month after the dog collar match when the accident happened, it's like, it's almost like  how,  I don't know how appropriate that's how Jerry Briscoe went out...that whole season, I would say the whole season started when Sinclair Broadcasting announced that they were shutting up shop with Ring of Honor and then we were at that point we weren't bound to our contracts where we could only wrestle Ring of Honor.  We could wrestle anywhere, so we were repping all over the Indies.  We called it the  '2022 Guns Blazing Tour."  Then next thing you know, Tony Khn buys Ring of Honor and we were already beefing with FTR on Twitter and online, which was, it was cool because it was like, by  the time Tony bought Ring of Honor, there was already this match that was already something that people were hungry to see.  It was right there, and Tony put that ball on that tee and knocked it out the park.   Then we had the two out of three falls.  We had the rematch and another one that people called an Instant Classic. I'm like, 'Wow,  we've really got some chemistry with these guys."  Then we come full circle to Final Battle and they've beaten us twice and now it comes down to this dog collar match and we get the final win and Jay Briscoe puts on a one of the best performances in professional wrestling history and he's sitting there with the crimson mask, bloodied and just...what a fitting way for him to go out.  2022 as a whole was a really amazing year,  but those FTR matches, and then that last, the dog cop match specifically, yeah, they're always, they'll always be special."

Why fans should order Supercard of Honor:

"See, there's gonna be history there, baby. There's gonna be history.  There's gonna be history in the Liacouras Center at Supercard of Honor. This is Ring of Honor, a pivotal promotion in the history of professional wrestling.  A promotion that changed professional wrestling and helped professional wrestling evolve into what it is today, especially talking about the in ring action that's where it all started coming out of ECW and then in Ring of Honor, that style of just a high impact in pro wrestling that's prominent today, that came from Ring of Honor.   You talk about one Ring of Honor's, favorite sons, yours truly...that's the County Chicken. Mark Briscoe been here since day one and somehow, some way singles gold has eluded me all this time. Basically what it boils down to is it's going to be a damn knock down, drag out, dog fight, a war between Mark Briscoe and Eddie Kingston for the Ring of Honor World title.  I damn sure plan on, I'm going to honor my brother, the same date that he won the title 11 years later, April the 5th. It's going to be a special night. It's going to be it's going to be a good one. If nothing else, I promise you a dog fight."

Mark's message to everyone that has supported him and his family over the years:

"Hey, I just want to tell everybody that we love you and we appreciate you.  Pro wrestling is one of the most beautiful things on Earth. Let's use it for something that brings us all together, not that breaks us apart and makes us fight. Man, all wrestling is good. I don't care. We talking about AEW, WWE,  New Japan, CMLL, AAA. Anywhere, everywhere, man, wrestling is good.  Wrestling is something that we all love. Let's let it bring us together. Let's quit all this dumb fighting about, Oh, this company's better. That company's better. Man, come on, man. Get out of here. Yes competitive. That's good. A good competitive spirit, competitive attitude. But once y'all get, get slinging hate.  Quit slinging hate, man. Quit slinging hate. It ain't that big a damn deal. Okay, you think this guy's better, they think that guy's better. You think this league is better, they think that league is better. It ain't that big a damn deal, man. Yeah, competition is cool. But, go on somewhere else with the hate.  Love all y'all. Appreciate y'all. Come on the Supercard of Honor. Promise you knock down, drag out dog fight. Let's go baby."

ROH Supercard of Honor streams live on Friday 4/5 only at



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