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By Mike Johnson on 2024-03-23 23:06:00

The TNA roster held a sendoff backstage for Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin after tonight's TNA Taping in Philadelphia. is told it was a pretty emotional scene.

Tonight was The Motor City Machine Guns' last planned appearance for the promotion as their contracts expire at the end of the month.   Their final TV appearance will air in April, featuring the duo challenging Eddie Edwards and Brian Myers for the TNA Tag Team Championship.

Chris Sabin debuted for the promotion in 2003 and held every championship the promotion had to offer, including the TNA title, ten X-Division reigns and multiple Tag Team title runs.  Alex Shelley debuted in 2004 and held the TNA Championship, The X-Division and the Tag Team belts.    As a team, the Machine Guns were a true TNA cornerstone, including three title reigns with the Tag Team Championship and several excellent feuds against Beer Money, The Young Bucks (Generation Me), Team 3D and more.

Shelley and Sabin have long been TNA cornerstones, but as off 4/1, they will be free agents.  

There are those within TNA painting this as the team is done "for now" but obviously, whether they return or not will be dependent on whether they sign elsewhere and/or whether they wish to work for TNA down the line.  

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