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By Billy Krotchsen on 2024-02-14 01:16:00

Match 1) Oba Femi defeated Lexus King to retain the NXT North American Championship in about five minutes with a pop up powerbomb. During the match, Robert Stone came to the entrance stage. At one point, Lexus King went to the floor and took him out before Oba was able to get the pin. Stone laid near the entrance as Oba posed with the championship.

Match 2) Roxanne Perez defeated Wren Sinclair following a Pop Rox and then a Crossface to get the submission win.

Match 3) Josh Briggs defeated Brooks Jensen following two lariats in about twelve minutes. Josh Briggs got a bloody mouth during the match and Brooks may have cut his forehead slightly. Following the winning pinfall, Josh Briggs was hugging Brooks Jensen when on the mat and spoke to Brooks.

New NXT Tag Team Championship Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker came to the ring. The Dusty Cup was also in the ring. Bron and Baron made some jokes on each other such as Baron beating Bron at No Mercy while Bron mentioned being the one to hit a spear and win them the tag titles. They were interrupted by Andre Chase and Duke Hudson who mentioned how they were owed a tag title shot from Tony D’Angelo and Channing Lorenzo which puts them in line. Nathan Frazer and Axiom came to the ring and made their case. Baron told all four that it sounded like a problem between the four of them. Ava came to the entrance and said they would do a match between Nathan Frazer and Axiom/Andre Chase and Duke Hudson tonight to determine the #1 contenders.

Match 4) Jacy Jayne (with Thea Hail and Jazmyn Nyx) defeated Arianna Grace with a discus forearm.  Jacy encouraged Thea and Jazmyn at one point to attack Arianna when on the floor. Thea was hesitant to do it. When Arianna ended up on the floor again, Jazmyn hit Arianna while the referee wasn’t looking and rolled Arianna back in the ring where the forearm was then hit getting the win. Jacy and Jazmyn had their arms around each other in the ring while Thea was off to the side looking displeased.

Match 5) Andre Chase and Duke Hudson (with Riley Osborne) defeated Nathan Frazer and Axiom in about ten minutes to win the #1 contendership to the NXT Tag Team Titles. Chase got the pin on Frazer following a series of pinfall exchanges before Andre Chase trapped Frazer in a pinfall for the win. After the match as Axiom and Frazer and Chase U were interacting in the ring, The Good Brothers of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows stormed the ring from the floor and laid out all four competitors as well as Riley Osborne. The two posed in the ring before going to the back.

Match 6) Lash Legend (with Jakara Jackson) defeated Kelani Jordan in about four minutes. Kelani was going for her split legged moonsault on Lash when Jakara jumped on the ring apron to cause a distraction. Lash took advantage and got the pin following her powerbomb variation. Kiana James and Izzi Dame came to the ring with intent to hurt Kelani. Kelani was able to escape the ring from the two of them.

Match 7) Lyra Valkyria vs. Shotzi for the NXT Women’s Championship had to be stopped a few minutes into the match. Lyra was draped across the middle rope facing toward the entrance. Shotzi went over the top ropes to slam Lyra’s face into the apron and appeared to hurt her knee when she landed on the floor. She had to be helped to the back and seemed in a lot of pain. A few minutes went by with Lyra and the referee still in the ring. Ava came to the entrance and said that Shotzi is not medically cleared to continue to compete. She announced an open challenge for who gets to the ring to challenge Lyra. Lash Legend comes to the ring.

Match 8) Lyra Valkyria defeated Lash Legend to retain the NXT Women’s Title in about five minutes following a top rope splash from Lyra.

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