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By Mike Johnson on 2024-01-29 13:58:00

WWE's latest reality series Love & WWE: Bianca & Montez will debut on 2/2 on Hulu.

The plot for the episodes:

EPISIODE ONE: Beginning their "Road to Wrestlemania," Bianca defends her championship at The Royal Rumble while Montez hopes for a show-stopping performance after returning from an injury; Bianca gets pressure to start a family.

EPISODE TWO: After Bianca sends mixed messages about wanting to have a baby, she and Montez begin to look at their options; Montez takes a big risk at Monday Night Raw in hopes of raising his profile.

EPISODE THREE: While training for a fitness competition, Bianca struggles with some old demons; Montez is conflicted over the idea of performing as a singles competitor and leaving Dawkins behind; Bianca's parents visit and worry that she is taking on too much.

EPISODE FOUR: Bianca offers to make Montez's in-ring gear for the Elimination Chamber, the biggest opportunity of his career, but tensions run high when her hectic schedule gets in the way; Bianca finally finds out who her WrestleMania opponent is.

EPISODE FIVE: Montez performs at the Elimination Chamber with hopes that the performance will stamp his ticket to WrestleMania; Bianca reconnects with her childhood best friends and gains a perspective on having children while maintaining a career.

EPISODE SIX: With her WrestleMania opponent set, Bianca plans for her entrance by traveling to Los Angeles; Montez gets good news and pushes Dawkins to work outside his comfort zone; when they are finally together, it's time for a serious conversation.

EPISODE SEVEN: Bianca and Montez arrive at WrestleMania and must juggle the hectic week-long event with pressure from their family; Montez performs at Friday Night Smackdown, the night before the biggest match of his career; Bianca starts to feel ill and stressed.

EPISODE EIGHT: At WrestleMania, Bianca fights for a higher purpose and looks to cement her legacy while Montez attempts to stand out in a crowded match; while celebrating their five-year anniversary, Bianca and Montez make a big decision about their future.

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