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By Mike Johnson on 2024-01-05 12:02:00

In regard to emails we've received regarding Trinity and Mercedes Mone:

WWE sources have confirmed Trinity is expected to return to the company when she is done with TNA/Impact Wrestling commitments.  One source believed she could be back as soon as the end of January. first reported there was an expectation of her return to WWE.  I believe she is booked for TNA's Hard to Kill PPV and at least two TV tapings this month.

12:49 PM EST Trinity Update: One source has since contacted to state they believe Trinity will finish up with Impact at their Orlando tapings.


12:49 PM EST Mone Update: Since the initial post, an AEW source reached out to say the company has absolutely been in contact with Mone and said "if you don't think we are in the hunt, you are crazy."

In regard to Mercedes Mone, the last we have heard (which was around Christmas week right before I got sick) was that communications have opened between WWE and the former Sasha Banks about a potential return.  Varnado, who has been out of action since breaking her ankle working for New Japan Pro Wrestling, walked out of WWE in 2022.  She debuted for NJPW at Wrestle Kingdom 2023 and made appearances for STARDOM and NJPW.  There had been at least loose plans for Varnado to work for AEW at the 2023 Forbidden Door PPV but her broken ankle prevented that.  She was shown sitting in the crowd at All In 2023 this past summer in London, teasing a potential debut but has not been mentioned since.    WWE sources noted that several factors, including change in ownership and the Paul Levesque creative regime firmly in place, set the stage for the two sides to reset their relationship and for Varnado to potentially return.  We are told the company would absolutely love to have her back and have made that clear - and that at least early discussions between the sides have happened.  

One WWE source felt confident about her eventual return as Sasha Banks, but cautioned that until a deal is signed, nothing is ever official.     Before anyone asks, we have not heard anything since in regard to her in AEW or New Japan, but one would think that AEW would want to swoop in and make a big offer to add some "oomph" to their first 2024 quarter.  

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