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By Mike Johnson on 2023-12-16 03:04:00

During the Final Battle 2023 Media Scrum Tony Khan was asked about Kenny Omega's health and what updates he could provide.  Khan commented:

"I know Kenny put out a statement of his own and I completely support it and I spoke to him today and of course we've been very concerned.   Honestly, it's hard to focus on pro wrestling with somebody that you care about, somebody that is so responsible for all of this in so many ways.  I don't know if we could have launched AEW and this would have all been possible without Kenny Omega.  Certainly, he's as influential on the launch of AEW as anybody, and he's one of the greatest pro wrestlers in the world, and he's also a really important figure in this promotion and this business, so I think we're all really concerned, but thankfully he's communicating.  I think we're hoping for the best, and it's ...I think it's taken a turn for the better.  The most important thing is that he got help from the doctors at the right time and didn't wait any longer because he was in a lot pain.  I don't think anybody knew how sick he was, because nobody would know, to be honest, I think I'll leave it to him to give updates because he's already communicating and it's he's already kind of been communicating and it's his health and I don't want to speak for him, but we're all praying for Kenny Omega and thankfully, it seems like there's good reasons to be very optimistic, but we were all really worried about him. So it was honestly really hard the last 24 hours focusing on wrestling when somebody who is a part of our wrestling family has something happening that's not wrestling like that. So there's you know, whenever there's a real life situation like that It always takes the most precedence, but we're thinking about Kenny Omega and hoping he gets well very soon and wishing him the best.   Sometimes it's not about wrestling, even on a great night of wrestling like this, that's probably the first and foremost thing. It's a great question. Thank you.  All the best Kenny get well soon, man."


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