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By Mike Johnson on 2023-12-08 12:25:00

Vince McMahon, who has not been seen much at WWE Headquarters of late, was at the company's annual holiday party, which was held at the new HQ for the first time this past Wednesday evening.

McMahon, who we are told would not regularly attend the holiday party in the past, was not only in attendance but making the rounds talking with lots of company employees.    In speaking to several who were in attendance at the party, which was exclusively for employees, he was described as "approachable" and "friendly."

Since the Endeavor acquisition of the company, McMahon's role has been greatly reduced and he has not been seen much at the new Headquarters.

In a change from previous years, there were no WWE talents in attendance.  Usually there would be about 4-6 WWE talents at the event to meet and greet employees.

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