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By Mike Johnson on 2023-11-28 11:33:00

Since Ronda Rousey made her debut for Ring of Honor, we've received a lot of questions about her potential future in AEW, ROH, and beyond.

In speaking to sources close to Rousey, we are told there are no current talks with the promotion, nor is Rousey looking to pro wrestling for her short-term future. 

We are told that Rousey is focused on putting her family first in the months ahead beyond promoting her upcoming memoir Our Fight, which will be released in April 2024.  We are told that actively performing in pro wrestling is not something Rousey is focusing on.

Rousey's appearances for Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling Revolver were more about having the chance to work with Marina Shafir, who is one of her closest friends, than it was about getting back in the ring to pursue a post-WWE career.  That said, the door is obviously open should she ever want to talk with Tony Khan (or WWE for that matter) in the future.

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