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By Mike Johnson on 2023-11-21 14:46:00 has confirmed with multiple sources that former NWA Women's Champion Kamille's deal with the National Wrestling Alliance expires at the end of 2023.

Kamille will become a free agent in January.  We are told that the two sides are on good terms and there is the possibility she could continue to appear for the promotion without being signed to an exclusive, something several talents, including Matt Cardona, do.

Kamille has been a regular with the NWA since October 2018, where she debuted as Nick Aldis' "insurance policy" before branching out into becoming a singles star and the centerpiece of the NWA Women's division, including a 813-day reign as Champion.  She will make her acting debut in the forthcoming Mildred Burke bio film, portraying June Byers, a former Women's World Champion for numerous promotions and a major rival for Burke. can also confirm that Kamille's husband Thom Latimer is signed to the promotion and there is no change to his status.  He will continue working for the NWA.  Kamille's exit as a contracted talent has no bearing on his NWA status.

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