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By Mike Johnson on 2023-11-09 01:07:00

A lawsuit filed against both WWE and AEW yesterday in the United States District Court, Northern District of Ohio, Youngstown by Anthony Duane Wilson, has accusIing each company of "plagiarism, market damages, product damages, personal damages and financial damages" was dismissed on 11/3, has confirmed.

Judge Benita Y. Pearson dismissed the case, citing that neither defendant had been served within 90 days of the lawsuit being filmed back in August.  

Although the specifics were never specifically explained in the original filing, much of which was hand-written, Wilson had alleged that "WWE, its contractors, and employees have on multiple dates used my creative works without permission, infringing on my wrestling gimmicks, names, slogans and likeness."

Wilson also alleged that he was going to start his own promotion and spoke with "members of the Bullet Club to join me in the venture of starting my company."  Instead, without breaking down specifics, Wilson alleged, "They stole the plans from me and my social media pages and cut me out without giving credit or the portion I am entitled to as the creator."

In the lawsuit filing, Wilson claimed the situation has caused him "market damages, product damages, personal damages, financial damages.  WWE an (sic) AEW are still using infringing works of mine, claiming they created these things and are not crediting me or paying for them,  Many of which are not for sale.  This will follow me my entire career.  This has cost me work outside of professional wrestling and inside professional wrestling.  These things have cost me fans an (sic) income.  Several of these infringements were done maliciously to damage my reputation an (sic) career, attempting to embarrass me or waste my time.  I'm a writer an (sic) professional wrestler, my creative works are my livelyhood (sic).  From my research, I was informed if you cut out an original partner or the creator control of the company belongs to the exiled party.  I'm seeking control of AEW an (sic) removal of stolen works, a public apology an (sic) a financial settlement for damages, my works an (sic) career will see until I retire.  WWE Board Chair, WWE Stock for freelance work an (sic) business tactics of mine.  Return all ships and plunder."  

Wilson was seeking $250,000,000 in damages, as well as, apparently all ships and plunder.

The dismissal was without prejudice, which technically means that Wilson could re-file and attempt to move the case forward once more.

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