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By Mike Johnson on 2023-11-06 11:49:00

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There is massive WWE interest in a major international star, has confirmed.

Sources in Japan have confirmed WWE is attempting to court current New Japan Strong Women's Champion Giulia, 29, hoping to sign her to the company.  A member of current defending Artist of Stardom Champions Donna del Mondo, Giulia first debuted for the Ice Ribbon promotion back in 2017 after training under Mio Shirai.

Giulia debuted for World Wonder Stardom in 2019, announced at the time as signing with the promotion.  She has been one of the centerpiece talents for the promotion, having captured the World of Stardom Championship, the Wonder of Stardom title and the Goddess of Stardom Championship.  As noted, she is a member of Donna del Mondo with Thekla and Mai Sakura.  She and Thekla are currently competing in the Goddess of Stardom Tag League.

Beyond her incredible in-ring work, Giulia has an absolutely amazing level of charisma and poise, so it's a no-brainer that WWE would want her.   To state losing her would be a massive blow to STARDOM is an understatement.

One source stated that talks are far enough long that Giulia is expected at the WWE Performance Center sometime this month.  

STARDOM, like New Japan Pro Wrestling, is owned by Bushiroad, which has set the stage for Giulia making several appearances for New Japan Pro Wrestling,including winning the New Japan Strong Women's Championship.  Giulia became the second champion after defeating Willow Nightingale.  Earlier this year, she worked the Multiverse United 2 event promoted by NJPW and Impact Wrestling in Philadelphia.    She just defeated Hyan at last week's New Japan Strong event in Las Vegas and worked for STARDOM earlier this week.

The long held belief was that once Mercedes Mone returned from injury, Giulia's title win would have set the stage for a showdown between the two, but whether that match gets to take place under a New Japan banner remains to be seen.

More as confirms.

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