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By Mike Johnson on 2023-10-22 09:00:00

Impact officials were over the moon with the mostly positive response online to return of the TNA name for the company last night.  They are already selling a new "We're Back" TNA logo t-shirt.  The name will officially transition over as of January at the Hard to Kill PPV in Las Vegas.  Hard to Kill will feature Moose challenging for the World title.

Scott D'Amore will have an interview with Tom Hannifan that will be released this Tuesday to discuss the change back to TNA.

Sonny Kiss will be in as a regular going forward.  We have not heard if that means she has signed a deal.

Matt Cardona and Juventud Guerrera are not in as regulars and have not signed.  Guerrera was used as a surpriseeve last night since he's in for today's events.  Cardona was just in for last night as far as we have heard.

MK ULTRA vs. Tasha Steelz and Deonna Purrazzo was moved to a pre-broadcast match in order to give the Impact Hall of Fame ceremony the entire Countdown broadcast,   The Hall of Fame was nothing short of great, so it was the right call out of respect to Mike Tenay, Don West's family and Traci Brooks.  The Knockouts Tag Team title bout was taped and will be released online.

There was some talk of using Ace Steel as a surprise in the Gauntlet for the Gold last night, but it didn't end up happening as there was concern that Steel appearing would lead fans live to believe it was a sign CM Punk was coming in and they didn't want to even accidentally tease something that wasn't going to happen.  Punk was not backstage at any point yesterday before, during or after the show as he was at the Chicago Blackhawks home opener.    Steel is working as a producer this weekend for the company in something of a tryout.

Knockouts Champion Trinity vs. Deonna Purrazzo has been added to the 10/27 Turning Point PPV in Newcastle, England.  That PPV will air on 11/3 here in the States.  Purrazzo's current deal expires before the end of the year so it should be interesting to see where she lands.

At one point, there was talk of Laredo Kid & Black Taurus vs. The Good Hands being a dark match last night but it didn't happen.

Impact Wrestling is back in Chicago tonight at Cicero Stadium for their Bound for Glory Fallout TV taping, which will feature:

*Impact Wrestling Champion Alex Shelley vs. Jonathan Gresham.

*Will Ospreay vs. Josh Alexander for the first time ever.

*Impact Wrestling Digital Media Champion Tommy Dreamer vs. Crazzy Steve.

*The Rascalz vs. Juventud Guerrera & Black Taurus & Laredo Kid.

*Alan Angels vs. Samuray del Sol.

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