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By Mike Johnson on 2023-09-21 09:34:00

As we noted earlier in our post about WWE Friday Night Smackdown moving to the USA Network, the implication of the wording for Monday Night Raw and Tuesday's WWE NXT was that they could be leaving their current home on USA.

The Hollywood Reporter states in their Smackdown move coverage that is indeed what is happening, noting:

While the new deal will bring WWE to NBC primetime and SmackDown to USA on Friday nights, it will also mean the end of Raw and NXT on USA.

A source familiar with the Raw discussions tell The Hollywood Reporter that the market for the program is “extremely active,” with traditional linear networks, streaming services and “unexpected players” all interested.

Raw launched on the USA Network in January 1993 and has run there with the exception of WWE's deal with Viacom that saw the series jump to the now-defunct SpikeTV from September 2000 through 2005.  The current incarnation of WWE NXT launched on USA as a weekly series in September 2019 following a run on the WWE Network.  A previous "reality show" format of the brand aired on Syfy in 2010, replacing the WWE version of ECW, before shifting into an online series on WWE's website as the time. 

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