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By Mike Johnson on 2023-09-21 10:00:00

WWE has announced a PPV for Australia - would you go?

No, I'm not going to take 36 hours of flights to cover something I can watch in my office, not unless I was going to then take the nex month or so to travel around Australia and stay there, which would mean not working on the site, so no.  Not going to happen.

With the WWE/UFC merger, are you going to amp up MMA coverage?  I really hope not.

There are no plans to do so.   If WWE were to do an angle with UFC in some respect or a WWE talent, current or former, stepped into the Octagon the way CM Punk did, then I'd consider it something worthy of covering, no different than we cover a Dave Bautista film project. But, in terms of diving into the nitty gritty of MMA, that's not likely to happen.

Was Jack Perry at AEW Grand Slam?  Is he still suspended?

No, he was not.  I haven't heard whether his suspension was lifted or not.

Why didn't Impact Wrestling book a King of the Mountain match for Impact 1000?

I don't know but I am actually glad they didn't as I've always felt it's a complicated, convoluted match with too many rules. 

Why do we never see the old ECW DVD releases on Peacock or WWE Network?

The Pioneer ECW masters aren't owned by WWE. Since they were licensed out to Pioneer by ECW, they remained owned by Pioneer and were specifically not part of the ECW assets purchased by WWE in 2001. Now WWE owns all the matches that were featured on those DVDs, but not the DVD collections themselves. So, any chance of seeing the old "Best of" DVDs that I scripted back in the day, well, that's never going to happen!



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