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By Cory Strode on 2023-09-20 20:39:00

It is Wednesday and this week, AEW Dynamite is at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, NY.  The commentary team is Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Ian Riccaboni, and Taz.

Claudio Castagnoli (Ring of Honor World Champion) vs Eddie Kingston (New Japan Strong Open Weight Champion)

The presentation is changed up a bit, showing the wrestlers before they come out in front of the crowd.

They start the match with throwing hands, and when they go to the floor, Claudio starts selling his leg after being whipped into the barricade. Eddie starts working over the leg when they return to the ring. Caudio then works over the left arm fo Eddie and they just keep brawling in the ring and on the ramp. 

When we come back after the commercial break, the story is that Ededdie just won’t quit. He pops up from what Claudio does and then hits a quick series of finishers, and Claudio is able to attack that left arm to cut Eddie off. Claudio ignores Eddie’s machine gun chops, so Eddie pops him in the face, which was a good bit. They throw hands in the middle of the ring Claudio is able to win the exchange by grabbing Eddie’s arm and then moving to a series of two counts. 

Eddie is able to kick out of a Ricola Bomb. When Eddie starts firing up, the crowd gets a LOT louder, and it's perfectly clear they want to see him win this one. Eddie si able to get a back fist followed by a power bomb for the pin and the win.

Winner and NEW Ring of Honor World Champion: Eddie Kingston

Wheeler Yuta comes to the ring and after the match, Claudio extends his hand and the Code of Honor is adhered to and they shake hands.

Ian leaves commentary and we get Roderick Strong in his hospital bed, wearing his classes as he is immobile in bed.  The Kingdom read cards to him about Neck Health Awareness.  Roddy wakes up and starts yelling for ADAM! Cole.

ADAM! Cole shows as The Kingdom are leaving and says he is there for him, but has to leave to support MJF in his match.  Roddy slowly raises his rickety hospital bed and tells ADAM!! To just go.

Renee Paquette is with Christian Cage and Luchasaurus and Cage says they will walk through Sting and Darby Allin on Friday, and he challenges Darby to a three way match with him and Luchasaurus for the TNT title Saturday, and Sting is not allowed. Cage gets in a shot at both the Yankees and the Mets. Cage’s bit about barely remembering Luchasaurus is the real TNT title is the best thing about the TNT title.

Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara

Sammy’s vest is lighted much like Jericho’s old jacket, and he has a rapper rap him down to the ring. 

After the first exchange, Sammy does his pose and Jericho joins him and then slaps him from it. They go back to chopping each other and when Jericho gets a big move in, he doesn’t immediately follow up. Sammy goes for the FTH, but he can’t get Jericho up, so Jericho follows with a Codebreaker. 

Jericho dominates all through the commercial break and Sammy starts to fire up once we go back to full screen. The match is almost textbook back and forth from thai point, with each of them getting a sequence ensign in a two count. Sammy tries again for the GTH, but Jericho is able to reverse it into the Walls of Jericho. Sammy is able to twist out of it and they move to fight in the corner. 

Sammy gets a cutter from the top for two. From here, Jericho starts to take over, hitting big moves with Sammy kicking out at two after each one. Sammy is able to get the GTH and then goes to the top. Sammy goes for a shooting star press and Jericho grabs him with a Codebreaker for the pin and the win.

Winner: Chris Jericho

They both worked as if exhausted for the last third of the match and it wasn’t the spotlight match Sammy needed, more fo a 50/50 match where Jericho’s experience finally wins out.

They embrace after the match, and Sammy nails a low blow on Jericho after the embrace, and Don Callis comes to the ring. He puts an arm around Sammy and walks him to the back.

MJF and ADAM!! Cole arrive at the arena together and MJF cuts a promo on Samoa Joe. ADAM! takes a call from Roddy and says “You’re not gonna die, dude."

We return to Sammy and Don being asked what is going on by Renne, and Don says all will be revealed on Rampage. Daniel Garcia sees them and is upset, but before they get into it, Don says that Daniel is money and they move on. 

Jon Moxley (AEW International Champion) vs Rey Fenix

They brawl on the ramp and around the ring before the bell. REALLY cool camera shot as Rey runs and leaps off the ramp into Mox, as Rey goes over the camera. Rey rolls Mox into the ring and we finally get the bell. Rey gets in a lot of offense, but when Rey leaps off the ropes into Mox, Mox nails him with a forearm and takes over. They move to brawling on the floor in and out fo the crowd.

Mox moves it back into the ring and goes for a two count. The story of the match has become Rey trying to get his big Lucha style moves and Mox cutting him off and trying to just pound Rey into the mat. 

After the commercial break, Rey is breaking out the big moves. Mox then goes for big moves of his own like the curb stomp and a Gotch style pile driver. Rey gets a shoulder based pile driver and the ref counts two and stops, saying that Mox got a shoulder up when he didn’t. Rey hits the same move again for the pin and the win.

Winner and NEW AEW International Champion: Rey Fenix.

I think Mox lost because he didn’t bleed.  I KID, I KID! Really good match, well worked by both men, and the referee messed up the ending for some reason.  These things happen, but it was just strange.

We then get Samoa Joe give his promo for the main event.

We get a promo from The Righteous for Rampage, and it’s gonna take a lot of these to get them over, since Vincent isn’t someone who gets over immediately, but when he does, he’s great.

The whole show tonight as the feel of Collision.

Toni Storm’s new entrance as an old time Hollywood movie star is fantastic.

Saraya (AEW Women’s Champion) vs Toni Storm

Toni calls for them to hug at the start of the match and Saraya slaps her instead. When you watch her matches, just watch Toni’s facial expressions. She is doing some GREAT character work here. Toni is knocked to the floor and crawls under the ring. Ruby Soho pulls her out and Toni has a shoe and starts beating Ruby with it. 

Toni gets into the ring with a shoe in her trunks and uses it on Saraya when the ref isn’t looking. When we come back from commercial, Ruby gets the spray paint to Saraya and it’s used on Toni, but Toni is able to kick out at two. 

The bottom turnbuckle has the pad removed, and Saraya slams Toni into the top, middle but can’t slam her into the bottom one. Toni kisses Saraya and hits a pile driver for two. Saraya is placed on the exposed turnbuckle and Toni goes for the hip attack, but Saraya dodges and hits a suplex for the pin and the win.

Winner and still AEW Women’s Champion: Saraya

Lots of shenanigans in this match and it was the first time we’ve seen Toni’s new character fully realized in a match.

MJF has a video that parodies the old Mean Joe Greene Coke ad.

MJF (AEW World Champion) vs Samoa Joe

MJF has Mets themed gear.

Joe is able to get a snap mare on MJF and MJF is holding his neck. Joe just dominates MJF as the match starts and MJF keeps holding onto his neck. Joe is dictating the pace with a slower type of match where Joe is working over MJF and MJF gets short flurries of hope. For people who expect a AEW style match of flips, dives and massive moves, thai is more of a Big Man Brawl, with MJF firing up at times.

MJF gets a flurry and hits the Kangaroo kick but then drops to the mat because of his neck. Joe hits a Death Valley Driver on the apron. Joe pulls a table out while the ref is checking on MJF. Joe then drags MJF out of the ring and hits an ura nage through the table. Joe drags M<JF back into the ring for a two count.

Joe then pulls up the mat at ringside and pulls MJF out of the ring. MJF tries to fight free but Joe hits a pile driver on the floor. The medical staff show and Joe rolls MJF into the ring for a two count. Joe tells MJF to give up and MJF spits in his face. MJF gets a Liger bomb for two. MJF tries for a sleeper, Joe reverses and MJF gets a low blow mule kick. 

MJF pulls out the Dynamite Diamond, but the ref sees it and takes it away. Joe gets a muscle buster for two. Joe then locks on a sleeper on MJF. ADAM! Cole runs to ringside to try to get MJF fired up. MJF gets to his feet and gets a rollup for two. MJF gets a rear choke in and they go into the ref.  MJF gets a chain on Joe’s neck and a new ref comes into the ring and Joe has been choked out.

Winner and still AEW World Champion: MJF

Cole and MJf hug after MJF hides the chain. Joe is up and offers MJF his hand. MJF shakes his hand.

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