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By Anthony Pires on 2023-09-20 20:38:00

It's WEDNESDAY you know that means AEW has come back to Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens!  We are LIVE as Taz, Tony Schaivone and Excalibur take the call of all the action.

ROH World Title vs. NJPW Strong Championship: Claudio Castignoli vs. Eddie Kingston

Ian Riccaboni has joined the booth. They exchange chops and punches. Action spills to the floor and Claudio gets sent knee first into the rail. Clothesline by Claudio. Action gores back to the ring. Dragon screw by Eddie, he misses a dropkick. Gut wrench Doctor Bomb by Claudio. Eddie blocks the neutralizer. Slap by Eddie into a German. Punches by Eddie into a sleeper by Claudio. OH MY GOD Belly to back on the ramp by Claudio.  EDDIE chants start up. Stomp by Claudio and he clotheslines Eddie back into the ring. Double stomp by Claudio, Eddie slumps to the mat. Claudio misses a headbutt but nails an uppercut as we go to commercial.

We are back and Eddie is firing chops. Claudio immediately punches back. Claudio mocks him. Eddie wants punishment. He gets it. Enziguiri and and an exploder by Eddie. Saito for 2 by Eddie.  Clothesline by Eddie and fore chops. Claudio wants more. Punch by Eddie. Ian with a Larry Holmes reference. God I love Ian. They go face to face and trade blows. Lariat by Claudio for 2. Hammer elbows by Claudio. They trade rollups. Uppercut for 2 by Claudio.

Ricola bomb for 2 by Claudio.  THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!

Backhands by Eddie! Brainbuster for 2 by Eddie. Queens is on fire. Claudio blocks a piledriver but Eddie with a powerbomb for the pin!!!


I am so happy. Code of Honor Adhered to.

We hear from Roderick Strong and the Kingdom form his hospital bedroom. Adam Cole shows up for support. #NeckStrong

Adam leaves his bedside to support Max tonight.

Rene Paquette is with TNT Champion Christian Cage (?) and Luchasaurus ahead of the big tag team match on Rampage. Cage insults the Yankees and Mets.

Chris Jericho vs. Sammy Guevara

Code of honor adhered to. Lockup, headlock into a shoulderblock by Jericho. They exchange slaps. Sammy gets the better of it, dropkick by Sammy. Sammy poses but Jericho joins him. Rollup by Sammy for 1. They trade chops. Back elbow by Sammy. Back breaker by Jericho, he miises a missle dropkick to the floor. Corkscrew moonsault by Sammy. Cross body for 2 by Sammy. Jericho blocks the GTH. Forearms by Jericho. Suplex to the floor by Jericho as we go to commercial.

We are back. Jericho with chops. Sammy fights back. Spanish Fly for 2 by Guevara. Chops by Jericho. Float over codebreaker for 2 by Sammy. Sammy sends The Ocho to the floor and nails a moonsault. Sammy goes for a springboard but a dropkick by Jericho. Jericho misses a springboard dropkick. Cutter by Sammy for 2.

Jericho blocks the GTH and hits the Walls. Sammy turns it around and nails a knee strike.  Cutter off the top by Sammy for 2. Chop by Sammy, he misses a lionsault. Bulldog by Jericho. Jericho with a lionsault for 2. Punches by Jericho into kneelifts. Sammy with a GTH out of nowhere. Sammy tries a shooting star but eats a Codebreaker for the pin.


Code of Honor adhered to. LOW BLOW by Sammy Guevara. Don Callis comes out and congratulates Guevara. Sammy has joined the family

We see MJF and Adam Cole entering Arthur Ashe Stadium. MJF talks about the match tonight.

Callis and Guevara walk off together to celebrate. Daniel Garcia gets in Sammy's face and The family walk off. 

AEW International Title: Jon Moxley vs Rey Fenix

Action starts on the ramp. chops and a springboard kick by Rey. Tope by Rey. Mox went down hard. Chops by Rey and we are officially underway. Sunset by Mox for 2. Chops by Fenix into an armdrag. Elbow by Moxley. Stomp by Moxley for 2. Punches by Moxley. 

Chops by Fenix, kick by Moxley, chops on the floor by Moxley. Fenix blocks a chop but gets thrown into the crowd.  DDT by Moxley. Moxley throws him back in and scores a 2 count. Punches by Moxley.Clothesline by Moxley. Kick by Fenix. Beautiful spin kick and a cutter for 2 by Fenix. Frog Splash for 2 by Fenix. Lariat by Moxley. Fenix to his feet and the action goes to the floor. 

Fenix lays Mox on the rail and hits a legdrop as we go to commercial.

As we return its Moxley with the pressure but Fenix hits a senton and a piledriver for 2.9. Fenix with a Doctor Bomb for the pin


Did NOT see that coming. I think Moxley is hurt. He landed hard and the cameras are not focusing on him. I am a bit worried for him

We hear from Samoa Joe.

Moxley walked out under his own power. That's really good because that landing looked bad.

AEW World Women's Championship: Saraya vs. Toni Storm

Storm wants a hug but gets slapped. Storm smiles. Chops by Storm. Ruby eats a chop. Kneelifts by Saraya, Storm sweeps her leg on the apron. Storm escapes under the ring and attacks Soho with a shoe. Shoe to the face by Storm for 2 as we go to commercial.

We are back and live and Saraya hits a sunset flip powerbomb for 2. They trade forearms. Storm gets the better and fires away. Storm grabs the spraypaint. Soho pulls it away. Saraya grabs another can and sprays Storm into a DDT for 2. Saraya sends Storm into the buckles. Storm intercepts the boot and kisses Saraya. Storm Zero for 2. I was OK with the kiss. Storm misses a hip attack and Saraya hits a DDT for the pin


AEW World Title: MJF vs. Samoa Joe


Adam Cole shoves the chain into his pocket. Joe threatens Cole. MJF throws himself in front of his friend. Code of Honor adhered to.

We go to credits.

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