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By Mike Johnson on 2023-09-20 10:13:00

Some additional notes from yesterday's WWE Employee meeting in Stamford, CT.

We've heard from a few employees not happy about Vince McMahon commenting the company had hit a plateau and now needed Endeavor to take it to the "next level."  The feeling among those we spoke to is that business was doing great and was up significantly after McMahon left and that if it wasn't, the Board of Directors wouldn't have rejected his first attempt to return.  Instead, McMahon forced his way back in and took over as a way to return to power since had all the majority stock ownership, leading Stephanie McMahon to resign and walk away from the company.   There was a lot of sympathy again for Stephanie and Triple H coming out of the meeting.

Ari Emanuel's comment about his daughter included a reference that he "had gotten her" a job in WWE, which some took as a "dad joke" while others thought he was being serious.  As we noted yesterday, his daughter has been with the company for some time, working as an Executive Assistant.  She did not start there because Endeavor acquired the company.  Emanuel was shaking hands with employees at the event and was making himself available to them.

Paul Levesque did not formally speak to the employees from the stage during the presentation.

There were several hundred employees present.   One person suggested 300-400.  For some, it was their first ti in the new Tower as their division hasn't moved over there yet.

Most of the Executives, including Emanuel, stayed to converse and chat with employees.   The lone exception was Vince McMahon, who left immediately after the presentation. 

One person who was there said seemed to them McMahon was obviously still recovering from his back surgery based on the way he was moving.

To answer the silliest question we received about the meeting, yes, they served refreshments and snacks.  No, I have no idea why we received a question about this.

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