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By Mike Johnson on 2023-09-19 15:47:00

Some notes from today's WWE Employee Meeting at the new WWE HQ in Stamford, CT:

Nick Khan, Paul Levesque, Kevin Dunn and Brad Blum came out first.  Nick Khan was the only person who spoke, putting over Vince McMahon and said it was unfortunate they had to have departures but thanked everyone for their hard work.

Khan introduced Vince McMahon, who praised Ari Emanuel and the respect he had for Ari.  He said that the company had plateaued and to get to the next level, this was the deal that needed to be done. 

McMahon then introduced "my new boss", bringing out Endeavor head Ari Emanuel.  Ari told a story of how he and his partners pursued Vince 20 years ago to represent WWE and become the company's agent.  He said that he's looked to Vince for advice in the past and it was always the right advice, so he's excited for this new era.  Ari also noted that his daughter now works for WWE and announced she had just gotten engaged.  We are told she's with WWE for some time, well before the acquisition.

It was greatly pushed as the next evolution of the company.

That was pretty much the presentation.

For those who have asked, Stephanie and Shane McMahon were not present, nor should anyone have expected them to be.

There were several hundred employees present. 

All of the Executives, including Ari Emanuel, stayed to converse and chat with employees. 

The only exception was Vince McMahon, who left immediately after the presentation.


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