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By Dave Scherer on 2023-09-20 10:00:00

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Is it possible down the line Vince could be outed from the company he built similar to what happened to Ted Turner 

In essence, sure.  They both made deals where they gave up control of their companies and when someone does that, they lose the ability to stay forever if the new owner wants them out.

Does AEW own the rights to their talent names like WWE does? Will Jade Cargill be able to professionally use her name now that her AEW contact has allegedly expired?

I can't speak to every person in AEW but in Jade's case that's her real name so if WWE wants to promote her using it, they can.

Should CM Punk release a T-shirt saying something along the lines of “be scared for your life?”  Or at the very least should he use it as a new catchphrase in a promo?  “At Wrestlemania, I will make you scared for your life!”

I don't think so.  It would come across as childish to me.  Frankly, I don't think anyone can do any more harm over the soft thing than Tony Khan himself did by saying it.  I think if Punk isn’t going to sue Khan for what he said about him, he should just move on.

Which is softer?  Tony Khan saying he was “scared for his life” on National TV or Shawn Michaels screaming unsafe work environment to Vince McMahon after Shawn and Bret got into a fight in the bathroom in '97?

Probably Shawn because in Tony's defense, he is a rich man's son, who I doubt has ever been in a fight, while Shawn was a pro wrestler.  Then again, Tony did say what he said on national TV so it’s hard to pick a winner, or guess loser.  Neither statement came off well in my opinion.

Why do you think Jade Cargill would leave great situation like AEW.? She had monster push. 60-0 before putting over Statlander. Now S, she’s gone to WWE.  She would have done great programs with Baker, Saraya and others. 

I think it’s pretty clear that she left because she didn’t think it was the great situation that you did.  Being undefeated doesn’t mean anything in a worked business.  My guess is she wanted to work in the big time, not for the clear number two company.  She probably realized that working for Endeavor would present her with possible opportunities outside of pro wrestling. Plus, she may have looked at AEW’s stagnant TV ratings and declining attendance figures in returns to buildings (like Grand Slam tonight in Queens) and realized the best move for her was to go to to WWE before things got worse.  I would have made the same call if I were her. 

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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