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By Mike Johnson on 2023-09-15 17:09:00

The WWE layoffs are still ongoing, is told.

Alexa Gotthardt, who worked as a manager for digital campaigns, is the latest confirmed departure today.  She had been with the company since early 2022.

On her LinkedIn account, she announced her departure, writing:

I was on the #WWE / #TKO list nobody wanted to be on today.

Even though I can’t stay, I’ve got some epic memories to carry me through. It wasn't just rolling out and optimizing partners' digital campaigns- I got to enjoy so many more laughs and learnings with the team. From working with some of the best talent around, to writing some of the funniest social media copy we’ll ever think of, being able to help at productions, appearances or even to wrangling a French Bulldog- it’s been a very memorable time!
Please let me know if you happen to hear of an opening anywhere; I pride myself on being creative yet organized and am looking forward to continuing my career in a similar role.

Thank you for your support. 

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