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By Mike Johnson on 2023-09-15 11:15:00

As you can imagine, this is not a great day for those working for WWE, but an inevitable one they (and we) all knew was coming.  There are rumors among WWE employees that this could be a good percentage of the company's staff but we have no way of confirming how many at this time.  Everyone we've spoken to is pretty much on pins and needles waiting to see if they receive word they need to jump on a Zoom call with the company, realizing that if they receive one, their time with the company has to be done.     

The fact everyone was separated has added to the sense of unease as well according to a few we've spoken with, especially since in the case of those departed, it's not like they will even get a chance to personally return and say their goodbyes and pick up their property, so it's an unceremonious end to their tenures. 

We reported for weeks that employees were gritting their teeth waiting for the new reality to set in.  Today, it does.  

However, given the uniqueness of WWE as a company, today is especially sad because with those departures, especially in the case of employees who may have been there for decades, there's an insight into history and institutional knowledge, as a well as a loyalty, that will leave with them.  This is a unique genre and I don't think it's incorrect to say many started working for WWE because they were a fan of the company - not every employee is/was a fan of pro wrestling itself, but a big percentage of them were fans and came to the company because of that love and passion for pro wrestling.  That loyalty and love is something that can't be measured on a ledger sheet and something that can't be replaced mathematically.  When it's lost, it can't be replaced overnight, and it won't be.

I just wanted to say that on behalf of everyone here at the site, we send our best wishes to everyone there as no one ever wants to be in that position and even if their job is safe at the end of the day, it's a pretty emotionally wrenching process for everyone to go through (especially since they don't know what tomorrow will bring), but it's reality after a big acquisition like Endeavor buying the company. 

For those who have asked, we have been told there are no plans for talent cuts today.  Today is primarily about cutting employees who would be considered redundant as UFC and WWE's offices are combined.  The belief among those we have spoken with is that the WWE roster, the production team, on-air talents and those who work with talents, such as producers, coaches, etc. would not be part of today's cuts.

Tickets for the 12/1 WWE return to NYC, a Smackdown taping at The Barclays Center in Brooklyn, officially went on sale today.

WWE's  Scott Stanford has joined the 1010 WINS radio on 92.3FM in New York's morning show, airing from 5:30 AM - 10 AM.

We have heard talk of a WWE Performance Center tryout in Orlando later this month, perhaps as soon as next week.

Bay 9 News in Tampa featured a piece on the 2024 Royal Rumble coming to town.

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