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By Mike Johnson on 2023-09-16 10:00:00


Is Red Velvet still with AEW?

Yes, she's still with the company.

I’m seeing all this conjecture and theorizing about Punk possibly going to WWE, but it feels like a lot of people are overlooking the biggest issue here: the guy physically assaulted a co-worker backstage. Regardless of what Jack Perry said, Punk still lost control and attacked another person. I know that this may have been par for the course in wrestling 25-30 years ago, but it’s 2023. Why would WWE even consider bringing back a guy who would choke someone out at the drop of a hat? If anything, the guy needs therapy before being trusted with a role in any company?

Why does WWE hire anyone?  They believe they can make money with them.  Punk, whether you look at his recent history or not, has a track record of making money and stars often get away with way more than your average "civilian" would.  As I've written before, Punk should offer to jump through whatever hoops and obstacles the company that brings him in next to show that "it wasn't him" and that he can be trusted to exist and perform in whatever locker room he is in next.

That being said, considering all of the violent backstage confrontations in wrestling over the years (Sid Vicious and Arn Anderson stabbing each other comes to mind immediately), how on Earth do these guys never seem to face criminal charges? Did wrestling just have this “no snitching” philosophy and keep conflict resolution in house?

I think a lot of it is that pro wrestling pretty much has policed itself in most situations.  Plus, those who were most troublesome ended up on the outs.  For the record, I don't believe Arn Anderson was ever alleged to have stabbed Sid in that 1993 incident.

I am watching old TNA PPVs and I came upon the Roddy Piper-Vince Russo segment where Piper blamed Russo for Owen Hart's death.  Thoughts?

I never cared for that segment, whether it was Piper improvising or not.  I don't think it's fair or accurate to connect Russo's writing to the passing of Owen Hart.  It's not right and anyone who ever makes that connection is absolutely wrong and disgusting in my mind.

Whatever happened to Big Vision Entertainment?  It seemed like every 30 seconds they had a new DVD out for wrestling but then they died.  How did they go from being a popular DVD company with an MTV series to basically disappearing?

You can blame the economy at the time for that.  Big Vision had a number of hardships in the last few years of their existence, including a distributor go belly up without payment owed made to the company, buying practices for Best Buy and other retailers changing and then other retail outlets like Circuit City going out of business, etc.  With no money coming in, BVE's fortunes dried up and the gears stopped turning.  They began to owe others and soon money was running tight.  For a period of time, employees were working on deferred payments but with no turnaround in sight, the company sat there in suspended animation, waiting for some sort of financing to get them going again, until it was too late and that was the end.

Any chance Endeavor sells off ECW and we get it back?

No.  It's dead.  It's gone.  Adios.  You have a better chance of Mr. Hankey from South Park debuting on Raw Monday.


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