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By Mike Johnson on 2023-09-15 10:00:00


What are your thoughts on the CM Punk-AEW experiment ending?

I think everyone who decided they were going to make their money muck-racking one side or the other are in for a lot of financial disappointment as that cottage industry is now over.  I don't really have much to say beyond that.  I wrote months ago I was tired of writing and discussing the situation.  I wrote weeks ago something had to change or the company would rot itself out from the inside.  I wrote back in April everyone needed to move on.  No one did.  Now something gave. 

If you like CM Punk and are upset, you have no choice but to get over it.  If you like The Elite and feel like they wre vindicated or something, have your moment and move on, because it's over.  If you are an AEW fan, you have a choice of whether you are happy or not about this, but it's over and Punk isn't coming back.   The next time something is wrong, those who are angry will need someone else to blame.

To go back and continue to discuss and relitigate it iat this point is a meaningless waste of time in my opinion, unless there's some sort of lawsuit coming out of this. 

Everyone involved made their choices.  Now Punk is gone and whether you like Khan or not, he made his choice.  It's over.

Do you ever see AEW giving Matt Hardy a chance to become World Champion?

Based on how he is used, I don't see him in that position.  TNT Champ?  Sure.

Is it true Katie Lee Burchill was almost cast as a new Elvira?

I think you are confusing her with former WWE and TNA star Shelly Martinez, who was in a reality series based around finding a new Elvira.  Obviously, that didn't happen as the original, Cassandra Peterson is still going strong.  Burchill has done some horror movie hosting segments for DVDs however.

What is the latest on former WWE and ROH wrestler Paul London?

London is focusing on an acting career and was in a Lifetime movie a few months back.  He's earned his Screen Actors Guild card and has some some commercial work, including a Pizza Hut commercial.  He's working a few independent dates here and there and does some pro wrestling seminars but for the most part, has distanced himself from wrestling.  The fact he never became a far bigger, more prominent star in pro wrestling is an absolute shame as he was one of the best pure babyfaces in the early 2000s ROH.

I know this is a weird question but with Terry Funk passing it came to me.  If you maintain sources that are anonymous and they pass, do you feel the need to maintain that anomymity?

I've never considered it.  In all my years of doing this, only two people have ever publicly stated (during Elite audios) that they were sources and did so of their own volition.  I've never revealed one as I have always felt the second you do, it's a message to everyone else that you can't be trusted to keep their confidence.   I've had LOTS of private conversations where someone in the business tried to get me to tell them who my source was and my response has always been, "If I tell you, then you can never trust in that I'll never tell anyone what you tell me."  I sort of feel that would be the case even if someone passes, unless it was a unique situation where perhaps their family gave me that blessing.  Still, I doubt it's something I would willingly do.  All writers need to have those who put trust in them, no matter who they are, know that trust won't be burnt.


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