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By Mike Johnson on 2023-09-11 09:40:00

If all goes as scheduled, tonight's Monday Night Raw will be the official end of the greatest reign in professional wrestling history as Endeavor takes over ownership of World Wrestling Entertainment tomorrow, which means tonight's Raw is the final event owned and operated by the McMahon family 100% across th, e board.  As of tomorrow, Endeavor acquires WWE, merging it and UFC (which Endeavor already owns) into TKO Holdings. 

As of tomorrow, for the first time since the fledgling days of Capitol Wrestling many generations ago, the McMahon family won't be the owners and main power brokers for WWE.  While Vince McMahon and Paul Levesque, by all expectations, will still be major parts of the company (unless something unforeseen is about to go down), it will be an entire new world where Ari Emmanuel is king over everyone else.

Today will also be the final day WWE stock is traded publicly.  Once the Endeavor acquisition takes hold, the new company will be traded publicly under the TKO initials.  WWE first went public on 10/19/99.

The WWE crew that went to India returned to the United States in time to head right back on the road.  We are told that the trip was pretty rough in that it was in the area of 19 hours flights each way, with the talents landing, going right into media interviews, then performing live and heading right back to the airport for another 19 hour flight.  Despite how exhausting all that sounds (and probably was), to a person, we were told the atmosphere live was absolutely insane and loud in terms of electricity.

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