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By Dave Scherer on 2023-09-17 10:00:00

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Just started (and finished) Tod is God this weekend. And maybe I missed you guys addressing it, but since you both seem to have been around ECW from the start, from your perspectives, feel it's accurate? And now that we finally heard Tod Gordon’s side of the mole angle, how is his relationship with the ex ECW wrestlers now? 

You read the book so I am guessing you saw where Mike and I were addressed by Tod.  Full disclosure, I love the guy.  He’s a brother to me.  Yes, I was around from almost the start and the book was totally accurate from what I know.  As for The Mole thing, at the time a lot of the wrestlers believed the faux story and Tod never bothered to tell them differently.  I personally told a lot of wrestlers that it wasn’t true and at first, they didn’t believe me.  Over time, they learned the truth.  I don’t know any wrestler who has an issue with Tod because of the mole nonsense.  The book was a great read, I highly recommend it.

What are your thoughts on Khan going out there before Collision to explain his actions and getting booed out of the building? 

I respect that he went out there and was honest with the Chicago fans by delivering the news to them.  I would have handled it much differently (such as never saying I was scared for my life) but again, he could have done nothing and I respect that he went out and took the bullet. 

You never know since It’s the pro wresting business, so do you think that the Punk firing is the set-up to an angle?

I usually leave an opening for doubt on things in the wrestle business but in this case, nope, I am 100 percent sure it’s legitimate.

Would you consider Terry Funk a death match wrestler?

No, he was the greatest wrestler of all time who did some Death Matches.  Death Match wrestlers are one trick ponies.  Funk knew every single trick.

Me and Punk are somewhat the same age. He might be bit older than me. I always identified with Punk. The straight-edge lifestyle, no drugs or alcohol, tattoos, being vocal, outcast, underdog, and rebel. Experiencing life as a kid and us (Punk and me) not fitting in. I was Pro-Punk. I understood him and I felt he understands me. After he abruptly left WWE; I empathize. I cheered when he signed with UFC. I was the fan who couldn't wait one day for his pro-wrestling return. Then it finally happened and now, as of today, I'm no longer that fan I once was for Punk. I know you're not my therapist, but can you help me answer my question [to myself] about what happened to me and my love for Punk? 

You are correct, I am not a therapist.  I have no idea what happened to your love for Punk.  It's a great time for introspection on your end.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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