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By Dave Scherer on 2023-09-10 10:00:00

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We are now almost 6 months removed from Wrestlemania, and I feel like The Bloodline is starting to hit a "spinning the drain" phase.  I get NWO B Team vibes on occasion (though it isn't nearly that bad as of yet).  I just don't get what the plan is at this point.  Looking back, considering where they are now, it makes even less sense to me that they didn't pass the belt to Cody, or Sami, or even Drew at CATC.  In the short term, there is a glaring problem: why is no one stepping up to challenge for the titles on Smackdown?  Where is Sheamus?  Drew?  AJ?  Lashley?  All former champions who haven't made a peep about it for MONTHS.  And now that Usos are split or something, I'm guessing Roman's next defense will have interference from a debuting cousin.  I dunno- I was very much into it until they created a new title on RAW, and at this point they've lost me.  So now, if Cody wins the belts at Wrestlemania, what was the point of essentially a year long "holding pattern?"  I feel like they are drinking their own Kool Aid on this one a bit too much. Although I also know the ratings and sales are super high, so the audience for this is still there, but history taught us (using NWO as an example) that the audience is there until it isn't, so moving forward and building up new people is important.

I have said the same thing about The Bloodline, it has cooled off.  First off, I think Roman Reigns’ absence has proved how important he is to making the whole thing work.  Without Roman appearing for a while, he is missed.  Also, I think they went off the rails with how they have booked Jimmy Uso.  There is a fine line between ending a storyline too early and letting it run too long.  I think WWE needs to take a hard look at how things have gone with The Bloodline since SummerSlam.  I hope they can get it back on course.

Something I’ve been wondering. Did Punk get himself fired on purpose? Based off his comments last September it sounds like he didn’t enjoy his time in AEW. It seems like he was still having trouble with people. It sounds like in weeks, days, hours and minutes leading up to the ALL IN explosion he was being treated poorly by Tony and his crew. So it is possible that Jack Perry opened the door, Punk saw the opportunity for freedom and he took it? Did he get fired on purpose? 

I have pondered the same thing since the incident happened.  Is it possible he just wanted out and took the opportunity?  I think yes, it’s possible.  Whether he actually did that, well you’d have to ask Punk.

If Punk does sign back with WWE do you think he brings the AEW belt with him like Flair did? Maybe throws it in the trash?

Flair actually owned the belt he threw in the trash so there was no legal ramification.  I don’t know what the legality would be of Punk doing it but in any event, if I am WWE I don’t bother with something that petty.  It would pop some smart fans but it also would tell WWE fans that the AEW belt means something.  I wouldn’t do that if I were WWE.

Not only was what Tony said about fearing for his life insensitive but I could see it being potentially libelous. If I'm Phil Brooks, I'd sue. I completely agree with everything you said as it was completely my reaction as well reading the original statement and then reading the live statement. He should have just kept his life statement short and sweet. 

First off, while Tony said that Punk was fired with cause, which means he should get nothing, it would not surprise me to find out down the road that Punk got some kind of payoff.  I am not stating this as anything more than it wouldn’t shock me because, well, it’s Tony.  If Punk really was fired with cause I would absolutely consult a lawyer if I were him.  What Khan said could cost Punk future work, not just in WWE but in fields like acting.  So if I were Punk I would at least speak to my attorney about it.

AEW fans always need someone to blame for the company's problems. First, it was all Cody's fault. Then, it was all CM Punk's fault. Who is going to be the next scapegoat? It will never be TK's fault to those people, so maybe Jericho?

The next scapegoat will be the person or people who the children in the company have an issue with.  They will call their friendly reporters, who regurgitate what they are told verbatim without verifying it, and start a smear campaign against whoever they have an issue with, just like they did to Punk.  Who that person or people will be, I can’t say but if we start seeing the slanted, hack reporting from the same outlets that we saw it from during the coverage of Punk’s reign in AEW, we will know who the crybabies backstage are targeting.

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