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By Dave Scherer on 2023-09-10 09:31:00

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I'm not sure if I'm reading much into it, but do you think the Endeavor deal being done on a Tuesday means Vince McMahon and or/the rest of the family wants to close out their chapter of WWE on Monday with Raw? Have you heard of anything planned, whether it is on-air or not? Surely, there has to be at least a crew filming content for a future documentary.

I haven't heard it and I don't expect it to happen.  I don't see any reason for Endeavor to point out that "the McMahon era is over" when they want the company to continue on doing what they do.  I can’t say whether there will be a documentary down the road but I don’t expect Endeavor to advertise “Under New Owners” on WWE television.

If you were WWE, would you hire CM Punk? Even with Endeavor taking over and a different CEO in Nick Khan being in place since he was last there, as far as I know, the rift between Punk and HHH is still there as well. Conversely, if you were CM Punk, would you go back knowing the above?

First off, HHH is an employee, don't forget that.  Secondly, Vince McMahon will still oversee WWE for Endeavor and he has publicly said in the past that he would like to work with Punk again.  Most importantly, if they think that they can make money doing a deal with Punk, I think that they will.  The backstage situations in WWE and AEW are as different as they can possibly be.  The things that Tony Khan allows backstage WWE would never let take place.  That doesn't mean that Punk won't implode if he goes there but there are far fewer factors that would make him do so.  If I am WWE management, I bring him in after having a long conversation where I make it clear he gets one strike and one strike only.

WWE usually starts putting the brakes on things as they move into Survivor Series and then cools down until the Royal Rumble. How should they handle this year? Their storylines and characters like Jey Uso, LA Knight, Cody Rhodes, The Judgement Day, etc. are hotter than they have been in previous years, AEW seems to be kicking off new storylines from after Wembley, and there is a new entity in Endeavor taking over who will want to start their ownership by hitting the ground running and keeping the momentum up. How should WWE approach this year's fourth quarter?

I keep pushing quality product, like they did last year under HHH.  Endeavor isn't buying this thing to have down time, especially when new TV deals are in play.

Any update on Vince McMahon? Is he returned to the office?

He is still rehabbing from his serious back surgery.  He is not back to 100 percent yet.

With the upcoming Dynamite show on the 13th from Cincinnati having a set up for 3870 fans and only selling 1746 tickets less then a week away and the last show selling 4740 tickets less then a year ago show does this show the real state of AEW? A show in Moxley’s hometown might not even crack 3000 fans with tickets being $14.00?! This should scream wake up call to TK shouldn’t it?

A great asset for ticket sales it the WrestleTix twitter account, FYI.  It’s not just there, look at Grand Slam in NY.  They did over 20,000 fans for their first show and as of September 6 they have distributed less than 6,000 tickets.  Pretty much across the board AEW’s ticket sales are substantially down.  You would think it would wake Tony up, especially when anyone knows that ticket sales dropping are the step that happens before people stop watching on TV.  But at the end of the day, it seems that Tony would rather book his shows in his way than try to do things that would actually grow the company.  It’s his money to spend so he will do what he wants I guess.  And, we also can’t forget that he really does believe his product is great right now, that isn’t an act from him.

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