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By Mike Johnson on 2023-09-07 10:04:00


I was watching back at The Undertaker's interview on Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions on the WWE Network and Taker talked about him facing Ric Flair at WrestleMania X8 and Vince McMahon being baffled by Taker wanting to have a match with Flair. He noted that Flair was never one of "Vince's guys". Does Vince not have the same amount of respect for Ric Flair as a wrestler and as a performer the way Taker, Austin, and 99.9% of the industry has?

I am sure VInce respected Flair, but let's face it, 2002 Ric Flair was not 1989 Ric Flair.  Let's also not forget that in 1993, McMahon wanted to move Flair out of the main event picture, which is why Flair left to return to WCW in the first place.  I don't believe it was disrespect but McMahon's perspective was probably that Flair wasn't in his upper echelon at that juncture.

I've been trying to locate information on a match from the early 90's and am coming up short. In early 1992 I read about a match between The Mongolian Mauler and Abdullah the Butcher at an indy show in some wrestling magazine. It started with Mauler blowing fire at Butcher, causing real burns. Any recollection of this? 

You are remembering an actual matchk, but it wasn't Mongolian Mauler.  It was Abby vs. the future Balls Mahoney, Abbudah Singh at an event promoted by the late Dennis Coralluzzo.

I know you have been enthused with these questions, but with CM Punk fired and potentially going back to WWE, is there any chance he can wipe the sins of his AEW run clean by pulling a Mission Impossible and spiriting the Vladimir documentary out for all to enjoy?

OK, you made me smirk at that one.  Anything that gets the Vladimir documentary seen by the public is OK by me.  The ends justify the means!

Is the CM Punk firing a work?

100% not the case.

If you are WWE, do you take CM Punk back without a mental health evaluation?

I think there's a case that could be made that Punk should volunteer for any hoops WWE or anyone else wants to put him through.  Going forward, he should want to show the world that he can and will be on best behavior, just to silently send the message that "it wasn't him."  If that includes an evaluation, mental, physical, emotional, whatever, he should do it.  

What happens next time something goes wrong in AEW or someone gets pissy politically or Tony Khan doesn't put Colt Cabana on TV if CM Punk isn't around anymore?

As I said in my audio the night Punk was fired, the Boogey Man is gone and going forward, if something happens, certainly he can't be the only blamed anymore.  So, if none of those things happen, no one gets blamed.  If something bad happens going forward, it's not Punk who takes the heat.

Is Ace Steel gone too?

No, to the best of my knowledge, he is still with AEW.  He wasn't in London and wasn't even remotely connected to the incident, so he shouldn't bear any of the blame in my opinion.

Thoughts on Tod Gordon saying your Terry Funk tribute piece was the greatest piece of wrestling he ever saw about professional wrestling?

I was very, very humbled by that but at the same time, it was a piece I wish I never had to write and I still feel that way.  Tod's comments were among the kindest I've ever heard about my work and I am very appreciative, but I am just thankful Terry is no longer in pain as the last few years were very unkind to him.

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