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By Dave Scherer on 2023-09-05 10:00:00

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Why would AEW fire Punk and suspend Perry right before the Chicago PPV? 

That's a good question.  In the case of Perry, I don't think it matters.  He is a midcard guy.  But Punk?  He is a draw in Chicago and while I think both guys should be, at least, suspended for their actions at All In, I think the Chicago fans should also get to see their favorite son appear.  The fans didn't do anything wrong but they got penalized.  As I said on the show with Mike Johnson on Wednesday and Mike Eps on Saturday, I would have been fine with Khan waiting until after the Chicago shows to take action.  I was also fine with him taking action before the show so that no fan bought the show expecting to see Punk.

I was reading your answer to not attending a wrestling show at a stadium. So a question popped up in my head... Have you ever attended a WrestleMania?

Yes, in XV Philadelphia, Rock vs. Austin.

I watch AEW these days because in the UK it is the cheapest option!  I have however greatly enjoyed the shows, but feel the recent backstage shenanigan's have been detrimental to the final product.  As Tony Kahn is supposedly a great fan of wrestling history, has he never looked at the downfall of WCW that was brought about because certain wrestlers were given too much power?

You would think that he has, but so far it appears he missed that lesson at promoter's school.  And over the last week, a lot of people in the business have asked me if I think All In will be Tony’s version of WCW at The Georgia Dome, the high point before the crash.  I hope not, but after the mess that surrounded the firing of CM Punk I really have to wonder.

You are so old you colored your hair so you look young at All In Wembley. Your a joke. 

Well yes, I am old but I have never colored my hair nor did I go to London for All In.  And frankly, I never would color my hair.  I don't know why people like Vince McMahon do it.  They aren't fooling anyone.  I earned every one of my gray hairs.  I will wear them proudly.  To me, being an old guy (which I am) and coloring your hair just makes people look at you and wonder what you are thinking.

What do you say to people who still try and tell you that Mox is the best member of The Shield?

Crack kills.  

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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