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By Mike Johnson on 2023-09-01 10:00:00

Considering that All In’s attendance of 81,035 was indeed accurate, do you think this will spur WWE to finally stop their confounding practice of over-inflating their attendance numbers since they’re normally disproven later? Or will Mania in Philly bring in 500,000 people on each day?

I don't think AEW's announcement will lead to WWE doing anything except wanting to announce the most grandiose crowds possible as well as the biggest ticket sales numbers for first day sales possible.

Is this not the best time of Billy Gunn’s career? The fact that he’s 59 years old and is over like rover, capped off with his big moment at All In, makes me so happy. This is also considering that the guy still looks like a machine and can still keep up with the young guys.

I think the era he was with DX was hotter but theres's no denying that he's one of the most over personalities in AEW and that should be considered something truly special for him.  The Acclaimed act is great and in my mind, should be the top act in AEW.

I’ve only been following the site for a good decade or so, so I was curious: how did you and Dave meet and end up becoming PWInsider? You were both involved with ECW, correct?

I was aware of who Dave was because of his writing in a Newsletter titled Chairshots and the late Gordon Scozzari, who promoted the AWF and at the time was a friend, told me I'd like his writing because Scherer was funny.  Dave later started his own Newsletter, The Wrestling Lariat, which I subscribed to.  I knew him from ECW crowds and he knew me, at least my face, but we weren't friends by any means.  We just were aware of each other and I was paying him for his newsletter.  One day at the ECW Arena, we were on the same concession stand line.  ECW was going to be coming to NYC regularly and I arrogantly told him, "I'm a good writer.  I'm going to write for you" and started sending him reports.  I am sure he thought, "Yeah, OK, whatever" in that moment, but he also didn't know I had a big writing background.  I filed my first piece the next month in February 1996.  I kept sending pieces in.  Our personal and professional relationship grew and we are still working together now in 2017.  Why did I offer to write for him?  I always liked to write and wanted to do it, plus I liked his stuff and him personally.  It was really just a spur of the moment decision, perhaps fueled by the beer I was drinking that night, that changed my life for the better in ways I can't even begin to explain here.  It was never a plan to do this for a living, but a lot of moments led me there.

If you could find a tape of any show that didn't exist what would it be?

I would love a copy of the first independent show I ever attended, a June 1992 Tommy Dee event at the Elks Lodge in NYC.  I'm sure someone taped it as there was a camera on the stage, but I've never seen it out there.  I also wish I knew who had the footage from ECW's first ever NY show in Yonkers, NY since it was Terry Funk vs. Sabu headlining.

Any word on the Japanese promotion in NYC?  It's starting to sound like you got worked by someone who isn't really running.

Funny you should say that.  Tickets are now on sale for the promotion's debut.

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