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By Mike Johnson on 2023-08-31 10:00:00

Wardlow has again disappeared.  If this isn't an injury issue, what can AEW do to save him from obscurity?

If he's not hurt and AEW doesn't have anything for him in the current storyline cycle, I'd send him to New Japan to work some tours just to keep him from getting ring rust.  The experience would have help him while keeping him out of sight of all but the most die-hard fans.

It seems to me like MLW has dialed back on a lot of the international names and is now using a lot of local Northeast/New England indy workers.  To me, this sounds like they are a step closer to death and are running out of money.  Thoughts?

I don't know what their fiancial situation is, but we know that no one has a bottomless well of cash.  If they are spending money to pursue this WWE lawsuit, it's got to come from somewhere, so my guess is they have tightened the belt on other areas of the company.  Using local talents instead of flying people in from Mexico and Japan would make sense.  I don't know that they are "closer" to death but losing Tubi and Reelz wasn't a positive.  

I was watching an old WWF show and a fan hopped the rail to help stop Virgil for interfering in a Randy Savage vs. Ted DiBiase cage match.  Any story there?  Local storyline?

No, it was a fan at Madison Square Garden who just got a little too into things, possibly because they were emotionally disabled in some way and believed it was real.  If my memory serves, this actually aired live on cable on the MSG Network, so everyone used kid gloves to defuse the situation.

If you had to save the Amarillo tape collection or the Memphis tape collection, which building burning at once do you run into?

I think that's ridiculous.  I'm not running into a burning building for pro wrestling tapes.

Whatever happened to that movie many years ago that Maxx Payne was supposed to release when he taped stuff while on road with the WWF?

My best guess is that a legal letter shot that down from ever happening.

Do you think AEW would have any interest in The Boogeyman?

Never say never, but on this one, I'm saying probably as close to never as ever possible.

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