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By Dave Scherer on 2023-08-29 09:31:00

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Do you consider CM Punk an annoyance or still good for the internet wrestling reporting business? 

Honestly?  Both.  When backstage news happens, traffic goes up for the site.  Anyone who makes a living doing what we do likes that.  With that said, no matter how it started with Jack Perry on Saturday, Punk should have been a locker room leader and acted as such.  Getting into an altercation, especially when you are going out for the first match on the biggest show in company history, is not what a leader does.  A company’s top guys are supposed to set the tone in a positive way, and he did the opposite.  After he was already involved with the Elite fracas last year, he just shouldn’t be getting involved in things like this.  In this case no matter what Perry did or said, Punk should not have reacted the way he did, at least not in that moment.

Like most wrestling fans, I’m over the AEW backstage drama, although my personal feelings align with Dave’s. I have a few questions for you that could fit in a Q& A or on any audio show I suppose. 

1) Is there any chance this Jack Perry situation is a work? I mean, it would be smart to make money off this never ending saga if possible, although the odds aren’t great at this point. 


2) Assuming that this isn’t a work, are there any signs that actual measures to address the situation are being taken this time? I don’t understand how a talent can go on camera at the biggest show ever and provoke another talent, especially given how volatile the situation already is. WWE would have fired Perry or at the very least suspended him and killed his push. Something has to give soon. 

As of Tuesday morning, all we know is that Tony Khan is doing an investigation!  Why he is doing an investigation when he knows what happened?  Well, let’s just go back to All Out and that investigation.  We are still waiting on its results.  I think he should do something, for sure.  He needs to reign in the outlaw nature of his locker room.

3) Since Punk returned, has his backstage reputation improved, gotten worse or is it largely the same? We hear a lot about the same people and their opinions but what’s the temperature with the rest of the locker room? 

It depends on who you ask, as has always been the case.

Is Dave Meltzer a cancer to the wrestling business?  I hope you will answer it

The phrase “cancer to the” should be retired in my opinion.  Cancer is an evil, evil disease and it should only be compared to other truly evil things.  Certainly, that is not Dave Meltzer, or any other wrestling reporter.  As for reporters and our role, I always believed it was minimal until AEW came along.  Sure, we can do things that affect shows occasionally, like I did way back when after I reported Brock Lesnar was going to try out for the NFL and the WrestleMania crowd in NYC let him have it, but the most of the time we don’t have much affect on things.  When we report the news, people ingest it and usually that’s that.  I have talked here about how I feel Meltzer’s coverage of AEW’s All Out Punk-Elite war hasn’t been fairly covered and that has led to a lot of fans booing Punk based off of what was reported, without being told the whole story.  That has affected AEW’s products since fans who know the whole story or don’t know any of it at all are wondering why fans are booing someone that they were cheering before he got hurt, and should be cheering now.  Obviously, that means he has affected AEW’s business.  So at this point, I would say Dave is like a sprained ACL.

All In Wembley was a great night.  I can’t wait to hear you say how it wasn’t since that’s what you do.

I don’t like to disappoint so I will just share what I X’d after the show:

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