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By Mike Johnson on 2023-08-27 18:28:00

In regard to the CM Punk-Jack Perry situation, AEW President Tony Khan stated they were investigating the altercation and there would be no comment until they have the full story of what happened. is told the incident happened near the gorilla position.

As you might imagine, depending on who is telling the story, it either begins with Punk going after Perry or Perry confronting Punk.  It's been back and forth as to who the blame was being placed on depending on who was telling the tale, and some of whom sharing it were not actually there when it went down.

There was shoving back and forth and from there, the story that is told is that Punk either punched and/or choked out Perry after the shoving.

Perry was asked to leave Wembley Stadium right after the altercation.

Punk wrestled after against Samoa Joe and left the Stadium about an hour or so after that match.

There were quite a few upset the altercation happened, feeling it was going to potentially upstage AEW's accomplishments today.  This actually lit a fire under some in the locker room, who didn't want to blame either side (and some who blamed both) making them want to go out and work harder to make the night about the company.

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