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By Dave Scherer on 2023-08-28 10:00:00

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So… this week has really, really sucked. Wouldn’t you say?

I sure would.  Losing Terry Funk, who is my personal GOAT, was bad enough but then losing Bray Wyatt, man it was not a fun week for wrestling fans, that's for sure.  We were lucky to have them in our lives, for sure, but it hurts for them to leave, for sure.

Andre-Hogan. Hogan-Warrior. Anoki-Flair.
Austin-Rock. Rock-Cena. Brock-Reigns.
This is not a “legendary main event” for the “most important event in pro wrestling history” — so I’ll patiently await the PWI recap.  What am I missing? Am I just a “hater” or was there a truly legendary terrible build for the AEW’s biggest weekend?  And yes, I’m more WWE than AEW, but want AEW to succeed.

First, it's hype and given the size of the crowd, they will play off of it.  Sure, most of the tickets were sold before we even knew one match, but that's beside the point!  At the end of the day, what AEW did at All In is super, super impressive.  It should just stand on its own without unneeded hyperbole in my opinion.

I just watched the Lawler/Funk empty arena match, which I think is Mr. Funk's best.  The series with Flair is great, too.  What ECW matches of his would you recommend watching? 

I know this will sound like a cop out but I say all of them.  Terry's body of work in ECW was awesome.  Asking me to pick the best is just impossible.

RIP To The Funker.  
Funk Wrestled For: WWE, WCW, ECW, MLW, ROH, AJPW, TNA
Chris Daniels Has Wrested For: WWE, WCW, ECW, MLW, ROH, NJPW, TNA, And AEW
Your Thoughts?

With all dues respect to Daniels, he is not in the class of Terry Funk.  Then again, very, very few people are.  One more thing, you left out a lot of territories where Terry worked.

Who do you think is the highest and lowest paid members of the WWE roster?

The person who makes the most is the highest paid and the person who makes the least is the lowest paid.  Seriously, I don't have access to those numbers.  WWE doesn't make them available.

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